16 December 2014

Premier Housing - EcoCook Pans

I've already mentioned on this blog that I'm a big fan of kitchenware as Christmas Gifts. It can be attractive as well as practical as well as something that can be enjoyed all through the year. I think my new pans from Premier Housewares Ecocook range fit right into this description!

colourful pan set

 Each pan in this charming range is available in three colours; black, red and lime green - so you can get a matching set to go with an existing kitchen colour scheme, or mix n match! It's not just the pretty colours that make these special though, the eco-friendly white non-stick coating is also pretty distinctive! Unlike other non-stick cookware, the Ecocook pans are free from toxic chemicals. The aluminium body also saves energy by conducting heat so effectively that you can reduce cooking time.

Premier Housing Pans

Since my kitchen isn't really in a photo-friendly state at the minute, I took my pans and headed to my dads house - where they could get thoroughly tested by a former chef and I could get cooked for at the same time!

As soon as I arrived he started eyeing up the big fry pan and saying how perfect it'd be or cooking dinner to I let him loose with it and a couple of pork chops. The first point he made was how perfectly curved and deep the sides were making turning his chops over without splashing anywhere a complete doddle - everything pushed to the very edge of the pan simply fell back in rather than falling over the edge. This tidier approach is bound to make my mum happy too!

Premier Housing Eco Cook Deep Fry Pan

His second point was about the non-stick coating. He's since used this pan a few times (I've let him 'borrow' it), and he says it just wont burn things. My dad is a great cook but is easily distracted and a tad forgetful - so it isn't unusual to leave something cooking away a little longer than he should without checking or stirring but reckons even in these instances with this pan nothing has latched itself onto the bottom and caught just a little more than it should do.

Deep Frying Pan

I'd demanded  requested pancakes, as they are the best thing you can make in a frying pan, so sent my dad back in the kitchen to rustle up dessert! After an initial touch of 'suction' (rather than 'stickage'), the pancaked slid around the pan like a dream. The only problem is due to those steep sides that were a bonus for turning meat in the bigger pan, this did not want to 'flip' the pancakes over. Throw them up in the air just fine, but straight up and straight back down again!

MAking Pancakes

This doesn't bother me in the slightest as I cant flip them at the best of times and usually just nudge them over with a spatula like a wimp! And at the end of the day, they tasted good which is all that really counts!

tasty pancakes

Since I'd made the old mad do most of the work so far, I offered to take the third and final pan out for a test run and offer to make us some nice hot chocolate (I never really cook so much as 'warm things up a bit'!) I poured a couple of mugs of milk into my pretty lime green saucepan (incidentally my favourite of the three colours!) and let it do its thing!

Belgian hot chocolate

I'd picked up these little hot-chocolate-on-a-stick things in Belgium earlier in the year and they seemed perfect for such an occasion (anything in December counts as an 'occasion'!) and made sure I got my milk good and hot enough to melt the chocolate in the mugs (I've done these directly in the pan before but since they were different chocolate varieties thought the mugs would be better but knew I'd need the milk very hot for it to work!)

Hot Chocolate on sticks

Like with the pans above, I manage to get my milk toasty hot without burning it or generally making a mess - which leads my to one of my very favourite things about these pans, they are SO easy to clean! I'm assuming it all comes back to that non-stick coating - nothing sticks so you have nothing to scrub off! Even the milk pan cleaned up with no trouble - perfect!

making hot chocolate with Eco Cook pans

My recommendation may not mean much to anyone who knows that my food-creation skill lie mainly in cakes, but I can assure you all that a recommendation from my dad, with his years of cooking experience and knowledge of professional products, is definitely something worth paying attention to, and these pans have that recommendation!
The Ecocook range is available from a bunch of stockists including Amazon, and you can connect with their creators Premier Housewares on twitter, facebook and pinterest, or find out a bit more about their products on their youtube channel.
I think they'd make a great Christmas Present for someone who can cook, or a great new year project for someone who can't!

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