5 December 2014

Bloggers Holiday with Sykes Cottages

I was going to post about our recent bloggers holiday all in one go but it turns out I take waaayyyyy too many pictures so thought I'd break it up a bit and start by showing you the gorgeous cottage we all stayed in before moving onto out cottage based adventures! 

sykes cottages yorkshire

It's the second time we've booked a weekend away with Sykes Cottages, who have so many gorgeous properties on their books that it's really hard to pick one! Since we had a fairly large group (8 of us in total - myself, Hayley, Sammie, Jess, Simone, Sharon, Danniella and Corinne) and didn't want to stray too far from home our options were narrowed for us and Cote Ghyll Cottage in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire looked pretty perfect for what we were after. 

Our last trip with Sykes led us to a gorgeous place to stay in Arnside but though we called it 'the cottage' the whole time we were there it was really more of an apartment above a shop (though a lovely one, and what a view!), but this one is legitimately a cottage! 

rent cottage for 8 people

The first carload of us rocked up a little after key-collection time and Sammie the hero opened up a bottle of Bucks Fizz as a treat for getting there in one piece! (Though not far from home, getting to the cottage did involve some seriously scary driving through some very treacherous Yorkshire roads - I'm pretty sure I drove through a waterfall at one point and the car was almost certainly attacked by sheep on one stretch). The cottage owners had left us a box of chocolates - what a lovely thoughtful touch - which we sadly wasted by putting in a cupboard then promptly forgetting about until we were half way home.

Once the drink had settled our nerves a tad it was time to explore! We had to settle who was sleeping where and my little car-load had wanted to get in first to get our pick of the bedrooms but it turns out they were all pretty gorgeous and there wasn't a bad choice amongst them...

rent holiday home in osmotherley

The upstairs of the house was sort of split into two sides each with a double and twin room - it seemed like the perfect set up for two families to stay (thought of course we did just fine too!). There was a nice bathroom separating the two sides with a another shower/toilet downstairs so there weren't too many fights about sink access! The rooms were cosy, with fresh bedding (nothing better!), comfy beds and wardrobes big enough to hide in and jump out at people as Sammie attempted to demonstrate before her giggles gave her away.

There were a couple of nice communal areas too - I tend to like to hang out in the kitchen so I;m nearest the kettle but there was a spacious living room with TV and DVD player so we could all sing along to Frozen on Friday night. There was wood and coal outside so you could actually light a fire in that cool looking fireplace. This would have been endlessly lovely on a cold evening but we never managed to get it all figured out so just relied on the central heating to keep us warm! 

Just behind the living room was a games room too - with table football, pool and piles of board games and toys. Once again, perfect for families but lots of fun for us too! The games room also has a sofa that folded out into a bed in case anyone can't drag themselves all the way up the stairs! 

Cote Ghyill Cottage is around a 10 minute walk into the main village (ie to the pub) which is super during the day but a little scary once it gets dark as the route is unlit - the cottage is more or less by itself down a dark path through the woods! It does lie on the edge of a caravan park but it was closed for the season at the time of our visit so it was very quiet - no neighbours to disturb! 
The only real downside was a complete lack of phone signal, and the imperfect wifi access. I'm sure this wouldn't be a problem for anyone looking for a quiet weekend away from it all but since we had a houseful of bloggers it did crop up as an issue! Hayley assures us that the afternoon we all went out and left her there alone it was perfect so we may have just over-stretched it! 

I wouldn't hesitate to book another place to stay with Sykes and might even look outside of Yorkshire next time! Though, probably not....

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