19 January 2015

Afternoon Tea - Cedar Court Grand, York

My afternoon tea efforts of 2014 tailed off badly towards the end of the year due to a dramatic lack of time to do anything, so as you can imagine my first of 2015 was highly anticipated! Added to my natural giddiness was the knowledge that the first one booked was at York's absolutely stunning Grand Cedar Court Hotel. Though we were disappointed with the Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea Party on our first visit, that did nothing to lessen our impression of the grand venue itself and we were thrilled to be invited back to try the regular afternoon tea instead.

Cedar Court Grand York Afternoon Tea

First things first is of course the tea! The hotel offer a fabulous range of hot drinks - black, white, green and herbal teas are available, as well as coffee for the ... less refined. I was pleased as punch to see Taylors of Harrogate's China Rose Petal on the tea menu, so my decision was made. The silverware was rather gorgeous too.

Afternoon tea silver service

Next came sandwiches - and again a wide selection of fillings: smoked salmon and cream cheese, ham and mustard, cucumber, egg mayonnaise and watercress, and roast beef with black pepper mayonnaise. I didn't try everything (you may be aware already of my smoked salmon stance), but everything I did try was great, with lovely soft bread. We were asked if we wanted more sandwiches, which I thought was a lovely offer, but we were all ready for the sweet stuff at this point!

Afternoon tea finger sandwiches cedar court grand york

It was a grand looking cake display and we must have looked ridiculous all queuing up to photograph it all. The staff (who were all lovely) seemed to find us quite entertaining!

afternoon tea york

Scones came next after sandwiches and it was lovely to see two each! One plain, and one fruit - both were dinky so you get the variety without being over faced. These were fantastic, light and delicious and served with a range of jams and plenty of clotted cream!

jam and cream scones york

The chocolate delice on the cake stand instantly rang bells, as it also appeared on the Mad Hatters tea. This is definitely one for the serious chocolate lovers, its so rich that I'll admit I didn't manage to finish it this time round! I could have made myself but it certainly wouldn't have been good for me, in any way! The pot of banoffee cream with banana crumb was all eaten though!

afternoon tea cakes cedar court grand york

The rhubarb and custard cone instantly caught my eye, as it's one of the most adorable things I've ever eaten! The top swirl part was sweet meringue, and the cone was filled with custard - brilliant! The lemon cupcake had the most delicious frosting and I loved the cheeky little lemon curd surprise hiding underneath it. The sponge itself was a little on the dry side but I think the lovely flavours surrounding it just about carried it through!

cutest afternoon tea cakes

Overall I thought this was a much better experience than the Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea (as well as being quite a bit cheaper!) and it's always lovely to have an excuse to visit the Grand Cedar Court in York. That being said, one issue we had last time was that everything was way too sweet to actually be enjoyable (and I say that as a big sweet-lover!), and it still seems like someone in the kitchen is being a little heavy handed with the sugar! Each of the cakey things individually were lovely but trying to eat them all together in one sitting was quite an ask!

But I did have fun trying! 

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