7 January 2015

Blogger Secret Santa Gifts

I can't BELIEVE it's been nearly two weeks since Christmas already! Of course, you wouldn't think it to look at my house, we still have tree and trimmings up and look as festive as ever, though sadly I think the time is just about here (way overdue!) for my to put everything away for another eleven months...

This year I got a bit carried away in the Christmas spirit (like usual) and somehow found myself signed up to no less than THREE postable blogger secret santas! Not only did I get to do some fun extra shopping but my Christmas morning was filled with bonus surprise treats! 

blogger swap items

One of the three was the Access All ASOS Secret Santa. I know a load of bloggers took part in this, some with more success that others. The idea was lovely - ASOS sent participants a code for £15 to be used on the site. This just needed topping up with a couple of quid to send a hand picked gift on it's merry way to your partner. Despite the best intentions of ASOS, it did seem to turn out to be a nightmare for a lot of folk and I know plenty of people who are yet to receive their goodies... so I feel a bit like I'm rubbing it in by showing off my lovely gift! Sorry! 

My present came from the lovely Dani at Fashion's Fondest Fancy, who chose these lovely Pop Make Up bits for me! I've not tried the Mascara yet but it's next on my list, and the Pop Portfolio Palette has some of the most beautiful shades - I'm sure I'll get loads of use out of both of these over the year, so thanks very much Dani! 

pop mascara eyeshadow palette

asos secret santa swap

I know who sent my my next gift, but not which 'swap' it was from - the problems with secrets I guess! I singed up to gift swaps organised by the lovely and gorgeous Char from T-Rexes and Tiaras, and the equally lovely and gorgeous Miss Vicky Viola, and through one of these Meg at Mookaht must have got my details. Just before Christmas I received a lovely package containing this fabulous thing..... How pretty is the little floral teacup stack on my new towel? I thought for a while it was too pretty to use but I've decided I should keep it safe for polishing up my tea cups and cake stands and things for tea parties. Which means I have to have more tea parties, yay! 

appliqued tea towel gifts

Last but by no means least came an amazing little package from Meadow (I don't know where from, sorry! But if it's you, then you're awesome!) The following goodies all came in the little pink bag you can see in the top picture - just the thing for tidily storing various bits of bathroom paraphernalia! I also received these sweet-smelling blueberry cupcake bathbombs...

blogger swap gifts bath bomb cakes

.... a beautiful green notebook and a couple of yummy candy canes....

pretty notebook gifts

.... a lovely little book containing short stories, essays and other musings on the notion of 'home' in Scotland (I'm yet to do more than case a cursory glance over this but it looks lovely and I can't wait to have a good read when I find some time!)...

free book of scottish stories

...and these amazing little chocolate reindeer noses - one for each of Santa's best workers, with a shiny red one for Rudolph! 

reindeer noses - chocolate

I'm trying not to play favourites, as I love and appreciate all my presents, but I do have a special soft spot for this absolutely grand tea bag holder. I know my love of tea is discussed frequently around these parts but I mention much less my adoration of barn owls. All owls are awesome, but barn owls are the best. They just have such lovely faces, I love them. 

barn own gift items

I thought three secret santas might have been a little excessive but I'm definitely glad I did all three - I couldn't be more pleased with everything I received! I just hope the people I sent to liked their gifts half as much! 

All that's left to say is a big massive thank you to everyone involved with organising the swaps and sending me my presents! Hope you all got some great things for Christmas too! 

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