22 January 2015

Crafty Creatives Box - Mosaic

I've been getting these Crafty Creatives boxes for months now - since the fun we had with the Silk Painting Box ages ago - but I've either not got round to doing the crafts or not got around to posting them (and on one occasion made such a terrible job of it that I wanted to pretend it never existed). But in the name of new year organisation, here's what I got in and made with January's Mosaic based box!

Craft Subscription Box
The kit provides all you need to make pretty glass candle holders - three boxes of mosaic tiles, a big pair of tile-handling tweezers, glue, candles and little glass jars to decorate. Unfortunately one of my glasses was damaged in transit but figured it'd be easy enough to improvise with something we had in the house already instead!

red white green tiles

It's theoretically a really simple thing to do, blob the glue on the glass and stick on a tile, voila! Though as you can see my first go round was a tad overly gluey! I definitely like to think I'd got the hang of it by the time I was done though, so if I had a future attempt it should definitely look a little neater overall!

crafty creatives mosaic box

While I stuck to (theoretically) straight rows on my attempts, little miss got a bit more creative with the ones we found her to decorate! She then insisted on lighting the candles and having them placed all around the bathroom so should could have a 'princess bath'....

mosaic candle holders

Though our end products were far from perfect we are both pretty pleased with the way they turned out and we had a lot of fun getting 'stuck' in! We still have a few of the tiles and some glue left for next time too. As it's something the little one can do with very little input from me it's a good way for her to make home made gifts for the family too! (She's a generous little soul and does like making things for other folk.)

crafty creatives mosaic box

Crafty Creatives is a monthly subscription box, costing £15 per month plus postage of £2.95, with no minimum contract. The same merry bunch have also recently stared a stationary sub box called Paperhaul at £10 a month - or you can save money on getting both by opting for the combo deal! I'm very tempted to upgrade for next month - you can never have too much stationary afterall! 

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