16 January 2015

Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that at one point over the Christmas holidays I ran away from the mess and chaos of home to the relative calm and quiet of Ilkley. I'd spotted a deal for the Craiglands Hotel on Groupon or Living Social or one of the other discounted-stuff sites and snapped it up (I go through phases where I buy every voucher I see and then don't use half of them - anyone else?), and got booked for a night in between Christmas and New Years for some much needed R&R.

Ilkely hotels

I love the outside of the Craiglands Hotel, it's just this big dark imposing Victorian monster of a building. I've walked past it couple of times before - it's about half way up the hill from the train station to the cow and calf rocks - as well as attending a wedding reception there a couple of years ago so knew it'd be pretty nice!

Standard double room craiglands hotel

craiglands hotel room bathroom

hotel room toiletries

I thought the little bag of toiletries was great - as well as the standard soap and shampoo I found a lip balm and foot gel! The room was spacious and clean and well stocked with tea, coffee and hot chocolate (plus biscuits!) - and I'm always happy to see a bath instead of just a shower!
After a quick explore of the room we decided to test out the bed thoroughly by going straight to sleep for a couple of hours! I'm definitely not usually a day-time sleeper so the fact I managed to drift off with no trouble shows how comfy the bed was (or how much Christmas had taken its toll? maybe a bit of both!)

Craiglands Hotel restaurant ilkely

After a much needed snooze and a little potter around the room, drinking the tea provided and watching something festive on TV, it was time to head down to the restaurant, Brasserie One, for out evening meal (booked as part of the voucher package). The restaurant was pretty quiet, and service was fast and pleasant.
We were supposed to get a three course meal but despite some very tempting sounding menu options we both decided we were not hungry enough (after filling up earlier in the day at the Cow and Calf) to manage all three - and there was no way I was missing dessert - so we skipped straight to the mains!

brasserie one ilkely meals

The Mr opted for salmon served with new potatoes with a separate plate of veggies - which he said was delicious (he's looking over my shoulder at the minute, saying how much he wishes he had it in front of him again right now). 

I had the pasta, with beans. I can't remember exactly how it was described on the menu but I recall thinking that what turned up wasn't quite what I expected. Still, I was probably still half asleep by this point so I might have just been getting muddled! It was not bad but I do kind of wish I'd gone for one of the other options instead! 

meals at brasserie one craiglands hotel ilkley

Then it was dessert time, my favourite! My other half ordered the chocolate brownies that were served with the most delicious caramel sauce ... 

craiglands hotel ilkely desserts

...and my strawberry pavlova was perfect. It was definitely worth sacrificing the starters to concentrate on these! 

ilkely hotel desserts

I'll confess to and apologies for not getting as many photos as I should have done. My levels of sleepiness had rendered me pretty much incapable of reasonable thought and so I missed many opportunities. The massive Christmas tree in the lobby for example was quite the impressive sight, and I haven't got any shots of the lovely bar area either. Most tragic of all is that I didn't take my camera down to breakfast! By the time I remembered it I could smell bacon and there was no going back for me! 

However, even with these omissions I hope I've given the impression of a lovely and much needed relaxing break, filled with good food and better sleep in a beautiful and peaceful location - exactly what I needed! 

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