24 January 2015

Five Guys - Kirkstall, Leeds

I like burgers. So when Sammie suggested we swing by the new(ish) Five Guys in Kirkstall, Leeds on the way back from our recent York afternoon tea - I was only too happy to oblige. I was a little unsure I'd be burger-hungry after all that tea and cake but found I managed just fine!

Five Guys Sign

Five Guys falls somewhere inbeetween a fancy McDonalds and something like Nandos. It's counter service fast food but freshly prepared and at not far off restaurant prices.

The menus is compact but with plenty of room for variation. Burgers (regular size is a double burger, a 'little' one is a single), hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches make up the skeleton of it, but apart from cheese and bacon which you pay extra for there's a decent list of 'free' toppings so you can tailor your meal to your taste. By piling them all on you could definitely feel like you got better value for money!

food at five guys in leeds

Being a girl of relatively simple tastes though, I just asked for lettuce, tomato and green peppers on my double cheeseburger. I have to say, the burger was really good. Really good. I don't know if it was the  lack of unnecessary sauces turning it into a gloopy mess but it just seemed to hold together better than many other burgers I've had. It wasn't greasy and tasted fresh and delicious! 

add your own toppings burger Leeds

The burger was around the £8 mark, and that doesn't come with fries or a drink - but both of these are definitely worth buying separately. The fries (£2.75 for a smallest size - but for a small portion it's a pretty big portion!) are great. Skins left on give these a really rustic and potato-y taste! 

rustic skin on chips

The very best reason to visit Five Guys though has to be the amazing drinks machine. This thing is seriously impressive! It's £2.50 for a refillable cup but the options available are immense - you don't just get coke but you can choose raspberry coke, cherry coke, orange coke, vanilla coke, lime coke and cherry vanilla coke. Yup. And all these were available in diet too. A lot of the drinks brands have a similarly impressive array of options. I only got to try a couple on my first visit but the Peach Fanta is coming out a winner so far! 

different coca cola flavours available

My full meal came to a little over £13, which is more than I'd initially expected to pay. Though, I've paid a more before for less enjoyable meals, so I don't feel too distraught about it! I initially left thinking that it'd be a good stop-off if I was in the area, but not somewhere I'd go out of my way for... but as I look at the pictures and remember how it tasted I'm definitely considering jumping in the car and heading over to Leeds now for another one so it must have left a deeper impression on me than expected! 

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