5 January 2015

Memebox Giveaway!

I did promise a giveaway in my last post, and since I'm not re-settled in my work/life routine yet I figured now would be a great time to put it up - ease us all back in with something fun! 

If at all familiar with this blog, you may have spotted that I have amassed WAY too many Memeboxes! (Little pink boxes of Korean beauty goodies, for the uninitiated!) I need a serious whittling down of the stash but there's a couple of really easy starting points without me even having to do any organising, as it appears I somehow have two versions of the same box. Not just once, but twice! 

Much as I loved the Tropical Fruits Scent Box and the Koreas Most Wanted Season 2 box, I have way too much stuff already to keep any duplicates so I figured the best thing to do with them is to give them away! 

The Tropical Fruits box contains a lovely coconut soap, mango handcream, kiwi cleanser, papaya shower gel and kiwi nail polish for a veritable fruit salad of beauty goodies - you can read my initial thoughts on this box here

The Korea's Most Wanted Season 2 box has all manner of interesting goodies - all of which you can see in more detail here

Two prizes means two lucky winners = double your chance of winning! Just pop your details into the rafflecopter thingie below to enter!

UK only I'm afraid, as trips to the post office are scary enough these days (though promise to organise an international something next time!) 

Good Luck! 

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