18 January 2015

My Little Energy Box

I wasn't sure if I was going to pop this post up or not, because I've had the hardest time this weekend getting decent photos of anything! The weather has not been my friend in many respects this weekend and one of the products in particular just wouldn't photograph anything close to it's actual colour.... but then I realised that blogging about it was my only excuse for buying this little beauty so if I wanted to keep up the subscription I really should do the post! 

My Little Box French Subscription Box January

The 'My Little... Boxes' started popping up in my timeline later last year and I was instantly smitten with the cute graphics and fab combination off beauty and lifestyle products so I thought it's make a nice New Years treat for sacking off a couple of other unnecessary expenses. Each box comes in at £100 + £3.95 P&P postage (from France!) so isn't dissimilar in price to most of the other well known blogger-fave sub boxes. 

The theme of this one, as is common around January, seems to be fitness/energy/new start based and the lifestyle goodies sent to fit this theme were this gym bag and calendar. The gym bag is cute but feels a little flimsy, and doesn't look as exciting to me as some of the bits and bobs I've seen in previous boxes but I'm sure I'll find a good use for it - you can never have too many bags, afterall! The calendar is adorable, full of sweet illustrations and hopefully just the thing to get me a bit more organised this year! 

The box also came with a little magazine (which I haven't had chance to look through yet but will be heading to the bath with me tonight!) and card and the whole thing is bundled up so prettily that it just makes my heart happy to see! 

My little box energy goodies

The same thing applies to the beauty products - not only have we got some awesome things but they came beautifully presented in a gorgeous little fabric drawstring bag... again something that I'm sure will go to good use somewhere! 

Inside the little box came a very fancy moisturiser from Talika - the Photo-Hydra Day cream turns the suns energy into intercellular hydrating energy (I don't know how this works but assume there's a good sciencey explanation!) - all we need now is some sun! 

The product that caused me so much photography trouble was the Nails Inc polish in Tate. It's actually a beautiful dark red but every picture I took in the house - in different rooms, different backgrounds, natural light, artificial light - made it look nearly black! 

The last thing was a My Little Beauty energising spritz - it might not make me want to run to the gym but sure it'll be lovely for waking up my tired face!

Nails Inc Tate

I'm super chuffed with the contents of my first box, and can't wait to see what comes in the next one! 

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