9 February 2015

Cottage Industry

I was, for a change, going to start by getting to the point and talking about the actual subject of this post - but realised it would be entirely remiss of me to not first point out the excellent work done by my little model. I asked madam if she fancied modelling for me and she ran straight upstairs to put on her favourite kitty dress and pull out her little plastic make up set (the effects of which, thankfully, had vanished by the time we came to take the pictures - she has a lot of skills this girl, but a light hand is not amongst them). We then headed out the the park for a photo session, where I promptly realised I'd not actually put a memory card in the camera.

Thatched cottage handbag

This wasn't my first hold up in taking these pictures - I've been waylaid in the past by bad weather, failing batteries and.... well.... more bad weather (it hasn't been very nice out - you may have noticed!) Finally though we gave up on pretty settings and resorted to the garden! I think missy did a much better job than I would of modelling though - and I like to think I did a better job than she would have at taking the pictures in the end - so it worked out in the end! 

house bag

The main subject of this problematic photo session is not my pretty little daughter, or my rather unfortunate looking garden, but this stunner from my favourite bag company Vendula.

novelty handbags

I've mentioned a few times how much I adore Vendula's bags and accessories and every new season seems to bring with it new releases that catch my eye but I really think this time they have truly outdone themselves. The Thatched Roof Cottage Grab Bag is one of the most brilliant bags I've ever seen, from this brand or any other. It's so good that Vendula released a 'tea room' range at the same time and I still prefer this one! (Though it's close to be fair and the and the tea room is pretty darn adorbale too!)

vendula bag details

This is the perfect English cottage - but one I can afford. White picket fence, beautiful rose bushes, timber beams and framed windows are all individually sewn on and sit under a thatched roof where the bag fastens. It's the little details on this, like the gorgeous ribbon roses, that make it such a special item. The back of the bag isn't forgotten either! 

thatched cottage vendula rear

Which reminds me about the pockets, oh so many pockets! I love pockets. They don't stop me losing things but at least break up the areas I have to look for my keys or phone or whatever item has eluded me. There's no less than seven in total in this baby! And in the prettiest London-themed lining too. 

bag lining pockets

And speaking of losing things, this bag is huge - I could lose loads in here! I mean that in the best possible way of course - I love my Jewellery Shop Window bag (the last one I got from Vendula) but it's just not big enough to take my big camera out in, which means switching cameras or carrying it separately. This can fit in my big camera, fat purse (no money, just receipts and loyalty cards!), a decent sized lunch and all the usual girl bag paraphernalia! 

really cute unique bag

Plus I can't begin to tell you how many comments this has received when I've been out and about - shop workers, museum staff and the teaching assistant at the school have all expressed how fabulous they think it is, and I can't help but agree! 

This bag along with a different styles of the thatched cottage design - amongst many more gorgeous and eye-catching themes - are all available through the Vendula site. But I'll warn you - they can get pretty addictive! 

* Bag sent free of charge, gushing praise all mine 

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