5 February 2015

CityConnect - York in a Box

I like to go out for day trip adventures with my kids. And sometimes when we are out and about in towns away from home they say things to me like 'Oh mum, today is the Mexican Day of the Dead - can we get Chimichangas?' so I have to dive on my phone (which is a work phone for which I'm supposed to have all outdoor interweb thingies turned off unless strictly necessary for work related things), and try to find a local Mexican restaurant. 

This was pretty much exactly the situation I found myself in on a visit to York last year. Between quick online snatches, pestering local experts on twitter, and a lot of wandering around we did find a Mexican restaurant. It was closed. 

I am getting to a point, I promise! 

It's that sometimes when you are out and about you need access to more information than you'd set off with. Whether it's checking train times, figuring out where to meet someone, or checking the opening times of spicy food emporiums, it's really handy to be able to get online easily. And now you can get FREE Wifi all throughout York with CityConnect!

pretty biscuit tin

I'm really excited to head over to Yorkshire's capital soon to test it out, but in the meantime I was sent an awesome box of Yorkie treats to get me excited for my uncoming excusion! I'm sure it will come to no surprise for me to say that the divine Bettys Cafe is one of my absolute favourite things in York and the gorgeous tin of Yorkshire Shortbread did nothing to dampen my affections for this Yorkshire institution. These were amazing - proper melt-in-your-mouth buttery biscuits. They did not last long! I can't wait to get back in there and stock up on treats! 

Alice in Wonderland Mug

Vincent's Coffee, on the other hand, is completely new to me and a lovely new discovery. Though primarily a tea drinker I do tend to start my working day with a coffee and this has definitely been a welcome start to a day at the office! 

Jorvik Free Tickets

I'm very excited to use the passes I have for Jorvik and the York Dungeon. I love York Dungeon but think I'll have to save that visit for an occasion when I go without the kids or I can see it ending in tears (and not just mine!), but the little ones love the Jorvik Viking Centre and it's sister attraction Dig and I'm sure they'll be very excited about another visit!

York businesses

I also got a delicious chocolate bar from York's Chocolate Story - a brilliant chocolate based attraction with an amazing gift shop and cafe, a Benefit foundation sample and a really cool pin badge from the Yorkshire Museum (which I've actually not been to yet!)

So now, armed with knowledge of a few new places I'm yet to visit, a renewed enthusiasm for those I already love, and free CityConnect wifi for if I get lost in between them, I'm all set for my next visit! Is there anywhere else I should head while I'm in York? I'm always happy to hear about favourite tea sports in particular! 

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