25 February 2015

Lush Mother's Day Treats

Much as I love the limited edition offerings from Lush, I tend to entirely miss the Valentine's range as I'm still swimming in their Christmas goodies by that point and can still rarely justify much of the Mother's Day bits either - annoying how all the holidays you can theme a bath bomb around seem to be crammed in at one end of the year, the Easter stuff will be out before we know it!

But, that little madam of mine had been asking when we could go to 'the bath bomb' shop again (it's her favourite!) and I do like to oblige wherever possible so off we went to the White Rose branch to see what treats our spending money would get us.

I told myself beforehand I was only getting one and I knew which of the newer releases was calling my name before setting off but when we got in there I was blindsided by Mother Superior.

looks like finn from adventure time bath

How cute? We decided we couldn't leave this one in the shop because of her uncanny resemblance to our mate Finn from Adventure Time - though she's supposed to be a big boss nun. She's a bubble bar, rather than a bath bomb, so the best way of using her is to crumble her up under running water and swish her about until you got tonnes of nice pretty-smelling bubbles. The bubble bars are really good value too, as you don't have to use them all in one go like the bath bombs - I got three out of Mother Superior so at £3.75 each that's a much better bath/cost ration than the bath bombs from the same brand! I could have used less too, but I'm indulgent at bath time!

lush mothers day products

Of course, you have to weigh this up against the fact that the bubble bars are often no as 'showy' as the bath bombs but this still gave me pretty blue bath water with a bubbly bonus, so I'm happy!

mother superior in bath
As well as the fetching blue shade, Mother Superior has a very pleasant floral scent - derived from its key ingredients of Jasmine Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Mimosa Absolute and Sicilian Lemon Oil. I've heard it's the same fragrance as the Sakura bath bomb but I'm so far yet to try that one so can't really comment!
I'll admit though, I bought this one on appearance rather than for fragrance and it's not my favourite of Lush's smelly things - not bad by any stretch but not one I'd run out to get again.
It's a very different story for me and Ultraviolet!

lush mothers day violet bath
This is the one I'd initially gone in for - knowing very little about it but the name that seemed to sing sweet promises of parma violet scented soaks. Violet is one of my absolute favourite scents so was desperate to get my hands on this bad boy!

mothers day lush
It was hard to miss in the shop, this beautiful big purple treasure! It's priced at £4.75, a little more than your standard bubble bar, but is huge and bound to provide bubbles for bath after bath. I love the purple-rainbow aesthetic too, but will admit I wasn't initially as sold on the fragrance as I'd expected. In store it wasn't as sweet as I'd hoped for and had a more earthy, grassy sort of smell (like violets still in the ground, I guess!) I wasn't going to let it put me off too much though, and it was only later in the day when returning to the room I'd left this in that I was first hit with a wave of that violet aroma I'd hoped for! By the time I got it in the bath I was nuts about the scent!

ultraviolet bath

It also gives the water one of the strongest colours of any of the bubble bars I've tried which I love, especially since that colour is purple!
These are both nice bath choices that would make great gifts for your mum or yourself, but if I were to campaign for one of these to become part of the permanent range it'd definitely be Ultraviolet for me - in fact I might need to make sure I stock up on these before they disappear again!

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