18 February 2015

My Little Frenchie Box

My Little Frenchie Box is my second box from the French lifestyle/beauty subscription box company, and my favourite so far!

French Lifestyle and Beauty Subscription Box

Each month has a different theme, reflected in the boxes name. Last month for example was My Little Energy Box. This months frenchie theme is due to the collaboration with French fashion icon Ines de La Fressange, bringing an extra touch of Parisian chic to an already pretty chic box!

inspired by french fashion icon

The box will contain a couple of 'lifestyle' items, and a couple of beauty ones. The first 'lifestyle' item I dug out of this box was this little 'pot of messages' - isn't it the cutest looking thing? Each teeny scroll inside unrolls to reveal a positive or inspiring message - just the thing for putting a smile on your face on those not-so-smiley days.

inspirational quotes gift

The second item is this fancy-pants smartphone case. This is great for me because there are two things I do with my phone very often - lose it, and drop it. This case should definitely lower the impact of both of these, plus its very grown-up and sophisticated looking, something I definitely need more of in my life!
The press-stud on my fastening strap came broken, which was disappointing but when I contacted My Little Box to let them know they offered to send a new one out straight away like heroes!

French Leather Phone Case

The beauty items always include one of the brands own products - in this case it's the My Little Beauty Complexion Enhancer a lightweight cream for brightening your skin! While not working miracles on my old face, it definitely does bring about a certain glow and is a very sweet little product so I'm happy!
I also received a L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper. I'm a bit nervous about brows. I don't really do much of anything with mine, and I worry that any amateur attempts to will only lead to disaster. However, the 'plumper' I got is transparent (though it does come in three different shades) and with a small precision applicator so even I couldn't do too much damage - it's great for a bit of gentle tidying up!

L'Oreal Brow Plumper Terry Khol DHC Blotting Paper

Alongside these I got the prettiest Terrybly Khol Pencil. This super-soft pencil contains a boat load of glitter too for a really stand-out eye look, and one that won't disappear in the rain as it's waterproof too!  
Finally, we got a pack of DHC oil blotting paper. I'm a big fan of the oil cleanser from this Japanese brand, so it's nice to be able to some of their other products! These are essentially little bits of paper for sucking up the oil from your skin. I didn't think I was particularly oily, but the sheet I just pulled out to test thinks otherwise so I'm sure these will come in very handy!
All in all I'm super chuffed with my box and can't wait to see what they have in store for us next month! If you fancy getting your hands one of these little beauties, you can subscribe here for £11 + postage (£3.95) per month.

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