20 February 2015

Sherlock's Coffee House, Whitby

On finding ourselves in a sudden shower on our recent trip to Whitby, we decided on the only sensible course of action in such situations and dived quickly into the first place we spotted where we could wait out the rain with a cup of tea.

Nice places for tea in Whitby
Thankfully the first place we stumbled across was the very charming Sherlock's Coffee House and managed to find a cosy seat upstairs.

Upstairs Sherlocks in Whitby

Sherlock themed cafe

Sherlock mirror

Isn't it the cutest? I could have sat there all day noticing new little nick-knacks displayed on the walls and crammed in between books. One shelf contained a violin as a nice nod to the famous detective the place was named after, and there were more books and other oddities than I could shake a stick at.  
Most importantly though, the tea was hot and good and came with free top-ups, and the scone was freshly baked, delicious and served with enough jam and cream to make me a very happy lady! As an always-welcome bonus, service was exceptionally friendly (and no one minded that we basically sat there 'til everyone else left so I could take the above pictures!)

Scones at Sherlock's Whitby

There's plenty of none-cake food on the menu too, mainly sandwiches and paninis but also an impressive sounding range of Ice Cream Sundaes that I'll definitely be back to try in the summer!
They also had a fine looking range of cakes upstairs, and even more downstairs so would definitely be able to satisfy any sweet tooth. Unfortunately we'd eaten not long before popping in so all I could manage was my lonley scone!
Holmes family coffee shop whitby

The Sherlock theming was consistent but not so strong that this wasn't also just a nice place for tea and cake for people who are not avid fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's literary hero. It did make me giggle though when the sweet little old lady on the next table over declared to her family that 'Sherlock Holmes really lived here'. Bless.

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