17 February 2015

#SpreadTheLove Through Baking

The love folk at Intellicig are all about spreading the love. You can read about their campaign here, but essentially its about doing those nice little things for people to help put a smile on their face. They did a nice thing for me (sent me this awesome baking kit) so I could do an nice thing for others (provide them with lovingly handcrafted cakey goodies!) 

One of my favourite ways to Spread The Love is through cake. I love cake - it makes me happy so I know it can make other people happy too. There are few better feelings in the world than knowing someone has taken the time out of their day to make something for you. 

Cute heart shaped baking equipment

The kit I was sent included a gorgeous Paperchase baking notes book, heart shaped measuring cups and cookie cutters, cupcake cases and toppers, a silicone heart muffin tray, teacup cake moulds, and cupcake icing and sprinkles! All you need to create a variety of delicious baked treats, which is what I set to work to do! 

Despite the fact that it was Valentine's Day just a few days ago and a lot of my new baking treats were heart themed, I decided to ignore the romantic occasion (my usual attitude towards Valentine's Day anyway) and bake some treats for my dad's birthday on the 13th.
white choc blondies

The heart muffin tray was perfect for making these little hearty White Chocolate and Raspberry Blondies - they didn't stick at all and popped right out of the tray in one tasty piece! 

choc orange heart shaped biscuits

The cookie cutters were perfect for creating these Chocolate Orange Heart Biscuits.

heart topped cupcakes

The Easy Swirl Icing really was easy to use - just squirt onto your cake with one of a choice for four nozzles - and delicious too, in a really sugary vanilla sorta way - given an extra sweet touch by the sugar heart sprinkles used on these cupcakes.

Cupake silicone baking moulds

And the tea cup cake moulds - my favourite item, I think! - deserved nothing but the very best of tea based goodness, so Earl Grey Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream seemed like just the thing! 

DIY recipe book

I'll post my recipes soon enough if anyone is interested but will make sure I get them written up in my nice new note book first! (Though I won't be making note of the scone recipe I used to make the worst scones in the world, that should have been in this post but ended up in the bin instead!)

Apart from the scones, the baking was easy enough, and I had an eager helper who was more than willing to stir everything in return for getting to lick the spoons when we were done - the tricky bit was getting it all over to my dads, getting it iced, creamed, filled, drizzled, decorated, and displayed on my lunch break while he was out! Hopefully that crazy hour was worth it when he came home to discover a tableful of baked treats - I know I'd love it and I get my sweet tooth from the old man!

A good deed should be its own reward of course, but as an extra reward I got to eat a whole bunch of goodies too when I went round with the rest of the family to celebrate with the birthday boy! I like to think everything went down pretty well and everyone was feeling the love!

cake table

And extra joy! You get to win your very own baking kit with all the same awesome gear as mine! Just enter via the rafflecopter below - good luck!

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