6 February 2015

The Humble Pie and Mash Shop, Whitby

When you are looking for somewhere to eat in a place you don't know very well, I'm sure its not unusual to head to Tripadvisor to check out reviews of places that take your fancy. Often good reviews have encouraged me to try somewhere, and occasionally bad reviews have made me very cautious. It's not often that it is the less favourable reviews that cement my decision to visit somewhere, but this was what led me to the Humble Pie n Mash Shop in Whitby.

Pie Shop Sign
Or, I suppose, it was less the bad reviews than the owner's brilliant responses to them. Anyone who has ever worked in service knows full well that the customer is not always right, and owner Dave seems to have no problems pointing out when they are wrong. His often-sarcastic responses to daft complaints are pretty much exactly the exact sort of thing I've longed to say to people in previous employments (that's why I don't talk to anyone in my current job!) and I lost a morning to giggling away at the Tripadvisor listing, which you can find here. It's not all snark though, which might have put even me off - every genuine complaint is met with an offer of a refund or free return visit.

Best Pie and Mash in Yorkshire

It's not just that I enjoy people being mean, but I respect the passion and pride the owner clearly has in his humble little pie shop.
That being said, I did feel a bit nervous about what to say if my visit wasn't up to scratch!  
Inside Pie n Mash Shop

The menu and pricing structure are very simple, which is something I always appreciate. Basically, you can get a pie with mash, peas and gravy for £6.99. Any pie on the menu. There are no chips instead, no alternative veg. There's a couple of variations on this base meal deal (like you can get a pie on it's own, or one without mash, or if you are really pushing the boat out, you can get bangers and mash), but that's more or less it. The simplicity is as beautiful as it is rare.

Humble Pie and Mash Shop Whitby

The shop itself is adorable - cute and homely, with a vintage 1940's theme running through the décor and music. It was pretty quiet on our visit (around 6pm on a Saturday), but it was a day no one would want to be out in if they can help it. Thankfully our welcome was as warm as the café, and we were soon settled in.

War time decoration cafe

The full menu contains around nine different pies, including a couple of vegetarian options. I went for the Steak and Stout (you say boring, I say classic) whereas the other half went for the slightly more adventurous Yorkshire Sausage and Black Pudding. Now, I'm far from a pie expert and it's only recently I've seen the true wonder in these little pastry parcels so don't have a huge wealth of experience to compare it to, but I can honestly say this was the best pie I've ever eaten. Proper nice thick pastry that reminds me of the stuff my mum used to make, and absolutely stuffed with its yummy meaty filling. The portion of mash was huge too, and I almost couldn't believe my ears when the lovely lady serving us asked half way through if we needed any more! (Though I saw her stock up the lads on the next table with more mash and gravy so know this was a genuine offer, even it if was one I couldn't take up myself!) As it was, I'm sad to say I couldn't even quite finish the portion I had in front of me.

Delicious pie in yorkshire

I noticed they do a classic Jam Roly Poly for dessert, which seems like the perfect pudding for this place - no fuss, old school, proper food. Unfortunately, I was too full of pie to partake on this occasion but maybe next time!

Though they don't seem to have a website as such at the minute, you can keep up with all the Pie Shop shenanigans on their facebook page. And of course, you know how to get their attention on Tripadvisor! 

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