19 February 2015

Win Mother's Day with Toxic Fox!

I'm a big fan of Toxic Fox for gifts after turning to them at Christmas for some ace presents, so now they're firmly on my 'I need inspiration' panic list! I managed to avoid Valentine's Day with a minimum of fuss but it's not long now 'til Mother's Day is upon us! 

Mothers Day Gift competitionI think I've lamented before here about what hard work my mum is to buy for, but there's a couple of things on the site that even she'd like! And the good news is Toxic Fox are now running a competition where you can win a £50 gift voucher by telling them which of their tonnes of products you think would make the perfect Mother's Day gift! 

Just have a search through the site and when inspiration hits, share your favourite present on either Google +. Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook between now and the 1st March, making sure you use the hashtag #toxicfox. One winner will be chosen per social media channel! 

Obviously I can't tell you here what I've got my eye on for my mum just in case she ends up reading this (hi mum!), but on the off chance my little ones decide to forgo their usual hand-made route there's a couple of things I wouldn't mind receiving myself! 

Love Cloud Bath Bomb set

The personalised tea cup and saucer set is just lovely, and can help make up for the fact that neither of the young 'uns can be trusted to make a proper cup of tea yet.

Both the little ones know how much I enjoy a good soak, so the Love Cloud Bath Bomb Gift Set would be right up my street too - it's very pretty (one of a number of lovely looking bath gifts on the site!) 

They also do Afternoon Tea vouchers too - who wouldn't want to get one of those?! 

Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

What do you think your mum would like from the site? As well as being able to win a voucher you can get 10% off the Mothers Day range with the code TFMother before the 15th March!

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