10 March 2015

35 Things

T'other week I read the lovely Miss TeaPartyBeauty Hayley's brilliant post about the 30 things she wants to do before she hits 30. Reading through her lovely ideas inspired firstly to 'volunteer' my attendance to many of her planned events, and secondly to write my own list of things I aim to get done this year!

Unfortunately, though my birthday is a couple of weeks after Hayley's, theoretically giving me more time to complete my list, I'm (shhhh!) old. So my list contains not 30 items, but 35. And since Hayley wrote such a good list, and since I wouldn't have attempted such a daft task without her inspiration, I figured it was only fair that I steal five of hers,... y'know, to balance it out a bit! So the first 5 items are 'borrowed', the rest are... well, you'll see!
1) Visit an Alpaca Farm. This was definitely the first one I was stealing - Alpacas! Don't think this needs any further explanation!

2) Buy an All Day Bus Ticket. I actually can't remember the last time I got on a bus. It might have been before I passed my driving test. It'll be really nice to go visiting loads of places and not have to worry about things like sobriety!

3) Visit Poland. This one might be a bit trickier, as its dependent on both time and finances, but it's definitely a nice one to aim for!

4) Lost Two Stone. I guess they can't all be fun!

5) Go to a Gin Distillery. I'll admit that compared to some of my blogging buddies, my gin knowledge is somewhat lacking - but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in expanding my knowledge base!

6) Make Awesome Marshmallows. I'll never be a great baker, but I think the world of marshmallow-making has less competition!

7) Have Lots of Afternoon Tea. A bit vague, admittedly. Since I realised I went all of February without a proper afternoon tea, I'm aiming for at least once a month for the remaining months - but an extras would be great too!

8) Weekend at Legoland. At the start of the Lego Movie DVD, as you'd imagine, is a long advert for the theme park in Windsor and the little ones were getting very excited about the possibility of a visit! We've been today for the day but know they have an on-site hotel now and would definitely love to stay there!

9) Re-watch Twin Peaks. 2016 will see the return of David Lynch's bananas cult tv show which means this year I definitely need to refresh in preparation! That being said, there are certain scenes from the show that I first saw when I was around 10 that will never, ever leave my brain!

10) Visit a New Continent. This is a slight cheat that someone suggested to me, with the knowledge that I already have a holiday booked later in the year!

11) Walk to Top Withens. This farmhouse ruin on Haworth Moor is the supposed setting for the fictional Wuthering Heights. I've been wandering about up here a few times but always stopped short a mile or so from Top Withens and headed to the pub instead.

12) Hang Out with Owls. I love owls.

13) Make an Item of Clothing I Can (And Will!) Wear. I've never made anything more substantial that a scarf despite collecting dressmaking books and sewing magazines!

14) Read Ten 'Good' Books. I love good books, but I also sorta love not-very-good books. The sort of thing you pick up in a supermarket for reading on the train. I need to intersperse these with at least 10 'good' books, the kind of thing that has won awards or popped up on the national curriculum syllabus.

15) Get my money's worth put of my English Heritage card. I was talked into a membership on a visit to Richmond Castle late last year and really haven't made the most of it since then. Will have to work out membership cost Vs average admission cost then go see myself some castles!

16) Spend a day in bed. I like to  do things on my weekends and days off. Museum trips and visiting family fun attractions, exploring new cities,.. or just heading somewhere for tea and cake. But I am a tired soul and want a day in bed. I can get up to make tea and get chocolate, but otherwise it's a day in bed with books, films, and snoozing.

17) Organise all the family photos. The last time I did this was at the start of 2013, so that means I have two years of pictures in various folders across various computers. They all need collating and printing!

18) Explore North Wales. A bit like number 10, we've already got a trip booked at the end of this month. It's somewhere I've never been before and I'm looking forward to spending some time there!

19) Have a tidy house. I think this is mainly wishful thinking! It doesn't need to be like showroom-tidy but would love it to be can-have-people-round-without-a-weeks-notice tidy. This will definitely take some work though!

20) Register on a course. There is one in particular I have in mind but can't decide yet if it will be workable, for issues of time, finances, and brain stuff. If I don't end up going for it, I should at least get  myself on one of the fun sounding local community college courses!

21) Visit Cadbury World. I'm frequently told I'm already too late to see this place at it's best so I better get me skates on and call in before it slides further downhill!

22) Treatment at the Lush Leeds Spa. I've been dying to return here for a full treatment since getting a little look around at an event last year - they look life changing!

23) Sort out my finances. There's nothing too dire and scary here... my only debts are my mortgage and my student loan, but I have little bits hidden away in accounts I cant access and things like that, I need to get everything in one place!

24) The other half really likes boats. It can be a long trip or a short trip, on a big boat or a little boat,.. but we should definitely go on a boat!

25) Post more treats. I love getting treats in the post - who doesn't! This is hard now because I have very few people's postal addresses. Email addresses, sure - but you cant get cake via email (one day, hopefully!) If anyone wants to help get me started by emailing your postal address and three things that you like and I'll see what I can do!

26) Build a really big sandcastle. I think as I was getting towards the end of my list, thinking of those last few items got a bit all-consuming, as this one came to me in a dream! There, it was supposed to be one bigger than I am, but will settle for a 'really big' one.

27) Go out more to not-Leeds. For someone who doesn't live in Leeds, or even particularly like Leeds, I seem to spend too much of my leisure time there. I either have to make me Leeds friends go somewhere else or (more likely!) go out on my own like a loser!

28) Get my eyebrows professionally seen to. All these bloggers with these perfectly preened eyebrows and mine are just sorta there, on my face, a bit above my eyes. I don't begin to know or understand all the eyebrowey things other people do so I need to make someone who does understand these things, do them on  my face.

29) Eat more fruit. It's not that I don't even like fruit, I do. And I buy plenty of it. I just need to take the next step towards actually eating it!

30) Watch Breaking Bad. This should be a nice easy one, but I've never seen it and it's hard work for everyone in the office to wait for me to leave the room before they can discuss it. I'm doing it more for them than for me!

31) Whitby Abbey. I've tried to go to Whitby Abbey a couple of times in the last few years, but have never made it due to me either turning up on days it wasn't open to the public, or had been closed off due to adverse weather conditions or other things. It's not even like I'm that bothered about the Abbey, but coming so close a few times has made me determined to break through whatever invisible barrier that seems to be keeping me from frolicking among the ruins.

32) Learn how to make real actual cocktails (as opposed to just pouring tequila in beer and pretending it's a real thing!) - I'd love to have a 'signature cocktail'

33) Treasure hunt. Hopefully I can find a sort of pre-existing organised one, otherwise I'll have to set my own up but think this would be fun with the little fellas on a nice sunny day!

34) Find loving homes for the books, shoes and other things that I have no need for/several copies of/don't fit. This will definitely help with no 19!
35) Stop doing stupid things. I don't think I'm a stupid person, but I do do a lot of stupid things. Time to start learning from my mistakes instead of just making them over and over.
I'm not sure how high my chances are of getting through everything but having a list should at least really help when I have a free weekend and I'm stuck for inspiration! Who wants to come?

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