17 March 2015

Bluebird Tea Co Spring Releases - Candy Floss and Hot Cross Bun

A change in seasons always brings with it many other exciting changes. Spring is a favourite to many, as everything is shiny and new - baby lambs, bright daffodils, and an exciting limited release selection of spring-inspired teas from my favourites, the Bluebird Tea Co

The lovely tea folk sent me a couple of their new blends to try and I couldn't have been more giddy! The seasonal offerings are always exciting and this time round is no exception! I was sent samples of the Hot Cross Bun tea and Candy Floss tea.

Easter tea orange an cinnamon

The first one I opened was the Hot Cross Bun - I was instantly drawn to it's gorgeous fruity, cinnamony aroma! This little packet contains rooibos, black tea, cinnamon, hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip, orange peel, lapsang souchong, vanilla pieces and cranberry pieces which, when all brewed up together provides the most wonderfully authentic Hot Cross Bun scent (and I do firmly believe that the smell is the best thing about Hot Cross Buns!) and a deliciously rich, warming tea. This is cracking either with or without milk, though I prefer this one without. It's a great tea for these early spring days (that often still feel a lot like winter!) and I'm sure the perfect accompaniment to its bready namesake!

bluebird tea co seasonal releases

I knew when I saw the name that I'd love the Hot Cross Bun tea, but the Candy Floss was an intriguing unknown! I couldn't begin to imagine how a candy floss flavour tea would work, but once opened the packed to meet the sweet scent I was sold. It smells like a bag of pick n mix - that indistinct aroma of sugary goodness, but without the adverse effects on your teeth!

sweet fruity tea for spring

I fell further in love with it when I got it in my cup - my camera refused to show you this, but the result is the prettiest pink tea you ever did see! It looks like it should only be drunk by princesses (though don't tell that to my very manly brother who has been enjoying supping this as much as I have!)
This one is made up of Chinese white tea, hibiscus, apple pieces, elderberries, rosehip, pineapple pieces, red and blue cornflowers, stevia, strawberry pieces and hundreds and thousands - so as you might imagine the flavour is light, fruity and sweet. It's a lovely tea that seems perfectly matched suited for when the sun makes an effort to show itself!

bluebird spring tea

The other two teas in the seasonal collection are a delicious sounding Black Forest and a Smoky Russian Caravan, so I definitely think I should place another order before the season is out! You can get all of these plus a huge range of their permanent teas from the Bluebird Tea Co website or, if you can get there, from their store in Brighton!

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