27 March 2015

British Holidays - A Rainy Day Back Up Plan

As I mentioned recently, I'm off on holiday to sunny Wales this weekend! I'm very excited about my week at Haven Holidays caravan park Presthaven Sands, and for the most part have deluded myself into thinking it'll all be sunny days and blue skies! There is a small part of me though, the realistic part, that knows good weather in the UK is never to  be counted on, especially in March. Not that a bit of cold will stop us having lots of fun outdoory adventures, but it can't hurt to be prepared with a couple of indoor, weather-proof plans!

Easter Egg Hunt

We've stayed at a Haven site every year around this time for as long as I can remember, and an Easter Egg Hunt around the caravan has become a bit of a tradition. I'll admit, the first ever one was devised purely so I could stay in bed a little longer while the kids spend ages searching the caravan over for chocolate instead of demanding I got up to make breakfast! Such a good idea that I'm not going to let the fact that we're not actually there on Easter Sunday this year get in the way of it, it's close enough, right?!

Since I suspect the youngsters have cottoned on to my best hiding places, I plan to make it a little trickier this year by hiding these mini Lindt treats instead, as they are a little smaller than the ones I usually use, so harder to find! I have some other gorgeous Easter Chocolate from Lindt (yes, some of which I plan on devouring myself in bed while the kids run round looking for theirs, what of it?) including my very favourite little bunnies,... would it be too much to have these as a reward for finding everything else?

Easter hunt


For the first time we are staying in a fancy pants Prestige caravan instead of a standard, and one of the added bonuses is the Prestige pads come with DVD players! There is, in reality, a very fine line between 'watching a DVD' - something that is done passively, often while running round, doing other stuff and making noise - and 'having a private cinema', where quiet, stillness, and peace are the order of the day. The latter just feels so much like a proper family activity, and can be achieved by simply adding popcorn and subtracting light.

Craft Kits

I have a couple of craft kits to take away this year to give some things we can all do together if the weather keeps us indoors. I've mentioned the Crafty Creatives boxes before - a craft subscription box which contains all the starter materials for a different craft activity every month. These aren't really aimed at kids but the young 'uns have been known to give me a hand from time to time - you can seem the mosaic candle holders we made here, for example! The one I have going with us will allow us to decoupage Russian dolls!

decoupage russian dolls
I also have a couple of kits from Weekend Box to bring along - these are a more child-focused box of activities based around a theme. These look a bit simpler (the boxes are aimed at an age range of 4-6 ish) and contain a number of brightly coloured packets of paper, craft materials, seeds and other bits and bobs and should definitely help kill a bit of rainy down-time!

Of course, I'm hoping none of this will be necessary - I'm picturing ice cream on the beach, picnics in the park and a host of other sunny day activities - and if I'm lucky enough for that to work out for me, these will always keep 'til I'm home again!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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