19 March 2015

Crafty Creatives - Macrame Kit

Handmade Mothers Day gifts are the way to go - I'll always treasure the paper flowers, glittery photo frames and hand-painted pots I've received over my the years from my too and I'm sure my mum has appreciated my messy efforts over the years too, though my 'hand made' gifts usually come in the form of cake - tasty but not particularly long-lasting! This year I thought I'd try a slightly different approach and make use of one of the Crafty Creatives boxes I seem to have been collecting!

how to make macrame bracelets

This Macramé Bracelet kit turned up a couple of months ago but I obviously needed a good reason to bust if out  and get my macramé on. The kit, from Riverside Beads, comes with all the bits and pieces to make two bracelets as well as full instructions. The white beads with the purple flowers are so pretty!

jewellery making kit

I've never made anything like this before but found the instructions pretty easy to follow. The board holds the main cord in places while you essentially know another piece around it repeatedly. I had to unravel it a couple of times to get it as neat as I wanted but I soon found my flow!

diy bracelet

It's basically knot knot, knot, thread a bead, knot, knot, thread a bead, and so on 'til it looks a little something like this:

sparkly bead kits

It took me a couple more minutes to work out the back bit but soon enough logic kicked in and it all made sense! I'm quite impressed with the end result for a first timer, and I think my mum was quietly impressed too when she opened her little gift!

how to make bracelets - macrame

I've still got the pastel bits left over for another bracelet, which should be easy enough now I sort of know what I'm doing! Out of all the Crafty Creatives kits I've tried so far I think this was one of the easiest to get started with as well, in that it doesn't take a lot of time/space/preparation or make a lot of mess!
You can buy the Macramé Kits or all the individual bits you might need from Riverside Beads, and you can subscribe to Crafty Creatives for a new craft kit to be sent to your door every month!

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