25 March 2015

Exante Diet Products - Avoiding the Biscuit Tin

I'm not really one for diet plans, as you may have gathered if you've ever read about my cake preferences or, y'know, seen me. The idea of living on meal replacement milkshakes doesn't sound sustainable, or fun and didn't appeal to me at all. Until, that is, one day when I caught a conversation about diet products on twitter that mentioned the words 'maple syrup pancakes' and I was instantly intrigued....

The pancakes in question are from Exante Diet, and are just one of a wide range of products designed to it into one of a number of different weight-loss plans, from a super low calorie nothing-but-a-few-exante-products-a-day type plans to more palatable programs like the 5:2 plan.

diet meal plan

Like I said before, I'm not really one for diet plans. But I'm not really one or being organised either. This means I generally don't remember/get round to taking any food to work with me and faced with a meal-less 9-5 I tend to take one of two approaches - either don't eat anything and make up or it by stuffing myself silly when I get home, or by raiding the work biscuit cupboard to get me through the day - and I know neither of these are the most sensible way forward. 

meal replacement shakes

So this is where I was hoping the Exante products would fit in for me, and I was sent a few different things to try out. The pancakes were the things I was most excited about and they were pretty delicious to be fair, but since they need to be made like, well, pancakes - with a frying pan over heat, they're actually no good for me at work where we only have access to hot water and a microwave. 

Thankfully though, water and a microwave is all you need to put together most of the meals. The milkshakes are really tasty and just need mixing with cold water, and my gooey chocolate pudding was a lovely treat and took a minute and half in the microwave. There's also soups, pastas and porridges that I could make at work as a healthier alternative to half a dozen custard creams (a full days worth of Exante products is designed to hit all your nutritional requirements, so one or two products is bound to get me closer than the biscuits, while containing fewer calories!)

desserts for diet

I'll be honest in that I was a little dubious about the whole thing - figuring there was no way a milkshake could sustain my 'til tea time - and I don't know if it was super scientific ingredients or a weird placebo effect but either way it worked. Don't get me wrong, you won't feel like you've eaten a massive meal after one of these or anything, but they were surprisingly satisfying and tasty!

There seems to be various offers on the sites too - bulk packs and 4-6 week plans as well as individual products which often means you can grab a 'meal' for around £1 - and I know it wouldn't be hard to spend more than that if I popped out for something at the shop! I could definitely do with having an in-case-of-emergencies stash of these under my desk - and will be adding some of the delicious sounding diet bars to try too! 

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