23 March 2015

Pack For Wales

It takes a lot to convince me to leave my beloved Yorkshire, but I'm getting very giddy about my upcoming holiday to Wales! We have a week of family fun adventures to look forward to on the north coast - staying at Haven holiday site Presthaven Sands - in less than a week, so I really better start thinking about packing! 

take on holiday to wales

To help me on my way, I've been gratefully kitted out with this brilliant Berghaus backpack. There are not many brands that say 'adventures in the great outdoors' like Berghaus and I'm already inspired to take on more exciting activities than the 'trip to arcades' I originally had in mind - it's full of pockets and straps and sections and, most importantly, has plenty of room for packing all I'll need for days out for all of us (you should see the amount I've tried to squeeze into my handbag on occasion!) 

Plus how cute is our little dragon mascot? He really needs a name, doesn't he? 

welsh dragon mascot

My bag already came with some super items to get me prepared too! The Eurohike head torch is only likely to be used for finding our way back to the caravan from the club on this family trip, but I'm pretty sure I'll find other uses for it throughout the year - the Anker Mini External Battery could be a lifesaver though. You can use it to charge up your phone (or whatever) when out and about, and since my phone battery never seems to want to last more than three minutes then his could come in very handy indeed for when I invariably get myself lost - I just need to remember to charge it up before I stick it in my bag! The little yellow notebook is genius too. It's designed for use when wet and considering the weather I'm expecting to have (I never said booking a UK break in March was a great idea!) could be just the thing!

what to pack for wales

The only thing is, having all this stuff ready in advance seems to have lulled me into a false sense of security, that I was practically organised for the trip. Now, with not long to go, full panic has set in with the realisation I'm no way near ready! Packing is one thing, but knowing what to pack and having it handy are very different things altogether!

 One this that definitely will be coming with me is my new Berghaus travel mug - can you believe I didn't already have one of these? So now I can have the safety net of being within arms reach of a tasty, hot, life-affirming, spirit-warming cup of tea even when in the middle of no where, now that IS good to know! I'll obviously need to pack a good tea selection too - I wonder how many different kinds I'll need for a week?

I'll be packing my little book of Welsh mountains - everything looks SO BEAUTIFUL. I would love to do some mountain exploring, but can only envisage me having to carry round a tired six year old on my back (wonder if she'd fit in the backpack?), so might have to give any hard core mountaineering a miss this visit. The book will still come in handy as a guide to get some great ground-level views though!

And of course now I've though of one book I want to take it's reminded me of others I need to pack - books for the kids to read in the care to stave off boredom, books for me to read at night one they're asleep... see, it's never ending!
Then there's things we'll need for our outings and activities. I've spend many a recent hour scouring the Visit Wales website for ideas and looks like we won't be short of places to visit! A day or two on the beach is definitely on the cards so will need to dig out the bag of buckets, spades and other beachy tools (I've found the key to surviving the windy march coast is to keep busy!) Seaside towns always seem to demand a good pocketful of two pence pieces for the arcades!
It seems no trip to Wales would be complete without at least one castle visit, so I might let the kids raid their armoury for an item apiece to help them feel the part (we already have a surprising about of wooden swords, shields and other weapons lying around the house!) - you never know where dragons may still be lurking!
I'm sure the little ones are also up for a trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, but thankfully I can't imagine we'd need much more for that than a good camera or two, comfortable shoes for walking around and warm water-and-wind proof coats - things we'll be sure to need for the rest of the holiday anyway!
I'm starting to feel like I'm making some progress on my packing list - now I just need to think about clothes, food, entertainment, towels, toiletries, dvds, bakeware, electrical items, games, swimming stuff,... I really better get started!

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