2 March 2015

Win a Bag for Your Mum This Mother's Day!

My mum is the worst person to buy for. She's terrible... she doesn't eat chocolate, or wear perfume... flowers mean little to her, and in terms of clothes, books, music or films she's so fussy about what she likes that it's impossible to buy things as a surprise and have her actually like them.

My dad, who has been buying her presents for a lot longer than I have, has worked out a couple of exceptions... a couple of 'safe' options ... He's claimed full monopoly on earrings, coats and watches (you'd be surprised how many watches you can justify buying when you don't have any other ideas!), which leaves me with bags. And that's great, because I love buying bags!

And here's the really exciting news - if you think you mum would like a new Mother's Day Bag you can win her one of these gorgeous designs from Vendula London!

Vendula are my favourite bag company (you can see here and here how much I love them!), their quirky bags and eye catching designs make them a sure fire winner with me, and the amount of comments I get when out with one of their bags tells me I'm not alone!
I think my mum would love the World Travel Tote Bag on the left there, and the Dandelion Musical Barrel Bag would be perfect for my mother in law, whereas my favourite is the Tea Room Grab Bag. If you think your mum would love one of these too you can either pick one up from the site, or if you are feeling lucky why not try winning one? We want to know what your mum is like so leave a comment describing her in three words and fill in the rafflecopter form below for your chance!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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