27 April 2015

Conwy Castle

I really like castles. I'm that sort of nerd. So obviously when we booked our holiday to Wales, the availability of castles was one thing I had in mind - the place is riddled with them! I'd graciously agreed to limit myself to just one castle, and a couple of days into our trip we headed out to explore Conwy Castle!

We even passed a couple of castles on our short trip over from Prestahaven Sands (like I sad, riddled with them!) but as soon as we drove into Conwy and were met with the very impressive sight of this commanding medieval construction I was assured I'd made the right castle choice!

On the way in the kids were given an activity sheet - clues were found around the castle as to which pieces of a puzzle to full in to complete a picture - this was to be handed back in at the end and swapped for a badge. The young 'uns love having a task like this to complete and I find that having an objective often adds to their enthusiasm for exploring somewhere like this!

Unlike a few other similar sires we've visited, there was no strict one way system in place, no specific way to look around - we could walk the walls, delve into dungeons and race up and down the numerous towers to our hearts content. I understand why this isn't possible everywhere but really added to our day - you really get much more of a sense that you are actually exploring the castle, rather than just walking around it.

It wasn't the warmest day when we visited, and as you might expect the higher up we got the colder and windier the weather was...


... but absolutely worth it for the awesome views from the top of this highest towers! Even if a combination of the height and the wind made some of our party a little too nervous to appreciate them properly!

Family entry cost us around the £20 mark, which I think was well worth it for such a cool attraction and our hours of fun! And speaking of excellently priced attractions, it cost us a mere 50p each for the kids and £1 for the adults to look around the smallest house in Great Britain. Being, as stated, tiny it wasn't a lengthy visit but a fun one - the house is so dinky and cute, it's so strange to imagine anyone actually living there!

odd tourist attractions
And then, since we were by the sea - regardless of weather it was time for an ice cream stop! Yes, we had the ice cream before our obligatory fish n chip seaside dinner but we were on holiday so dessert first is absolutely fine! Besides, with flavours like the kids toffee apple ice cream and my maple and walnut on display, how could we not?

We'd have loved to have stayed and explored the town a little more but unfortunately had afternoon plans back at our holiday home but it does seem like a charming place and well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the area (and a must for castle nerds!)

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