20 April 2015

Family Dining at Haven's Mash and Barrel

I've already written plenty about my most recent family holiday to Haven site Presthaven Sands in North Wales, but it just wouldn't do to not have at least one post focused on one of my favourite aspects of any holiday - the food!

There were a few on site dining options at the holiday park (including fish n chips and pizza as well as a Burger King) but our most frequently visited food spot was the family-friendly pub, The Mash and Barrel (and not only because this was the only spot on site I could jump on the free wifi!)

I figured somewhere as family orientated as a Haven site would have a pretty decent kids menu, and Little Miss found plenty on there she wanted to eat! The menu was split into two sides, with a sort of pick n mix option (with choices of, for example, fish fingers/chicken nuggets/burger to go with chips/mash/rice with beans/veggies on the side) alongside set meal options like macaroni cheese and her favourite sausage, mash and peas with gravy! At one point after our return she was asked what her favourite part of the holiday was and I kid you not she said eating this sausage and mash. Much as I hope that wasn't true - I'm glad she enjoyed it!

mash and barrel kids meals
My son, who was fraternising with vegetarianism at the time of our holiday, didn't fancy the vegetarian sausages he'd had on our first visit again so instead opted for a jacket potato with cheese and beans from the main menu. I don't think this was too dissimilar in price to the kids meals (around £4?) and was massive - we never expected it to come with two potatoes! The lad did an admirable job but didn't come close to finishing both, so I reckon this would definitely satisfy a hungry adult!

mash and barrel haven

Speaking of massive meals to satisfy a hungry adult, my pasta dish was satisfying and delicious! I can't remember the exact name and details of what I got here (I normally pay more attention, but hey, I was on holiday!) but it was about a tonne of pasta in a spicy, creamy sauce with cheese and chicken, served with garlic bread. I couldn't finish it, and it isn't often that happens to me! I don't often eat pasta when I'm out (as it's something I can cook quite competently at home) but this was absolutely a great choice and one I'd recommend!
I was doubly pleased with my choice when my partner's ham, egg and chips turned up, as the ham looked a little disappointing and the chips were on the pale side, but he swears that despite appearances everything was really good.

Obviously, since we were near the sea side, we had to order ice cream! The Forest fruits sundae sadly wasn't mine to eat alone, this pile of strawberry and vanilla ice cream, fresh berries, fruity sauce and cream was a full family sharer...

huge ice cream sundae

Well, I say that but I bet you can guess who had most of it!

We also popped by for breakfast one day (with the justification I'd be able to provide a more well-balanced, thorough review of the place!) but unfortunately none of the food managed to last 'til the photographing stage before being demolished!
The breakfasts though, along with the other meals, surprised me with how good value they were. I'll admit I might not have had the highest expectations - I'd have thought that being a sort of captive audience on the site would mean we'd be charged well over the odds for sub-par food, and while a lot of the food was nothing particularly special (the exception being my gorgeous pasta!) it was never less than good. Meal sizes were substantial, and prices were less than feared - I managed to feed us all (including drinks and dessert) for less than £50, not too bad!
So if you have a Haven Holiday planned this year it's definitely worth bearing The Mash and Barrel in mind for one of those days you just don't fancy cooking for everyone - after all, its your holiday too!

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