30 April 2015

Fun with Upcycling at the Preloved Blogger Event

I'll tell anyone that listens that the fabulous Miss Terri Lowe is one of my absolute favourite blogging type ladies, so when she invited me to an event to learn about the awesome company she's currently working for I wasn't going to say no! 

I'll admit I wasn't overly familiar with Preloved until recently - it's a super site for buying and selling used or unwanted bits and bobs, a bit like a friendly ebay.

They are hoping that by passing along previously loved goodies to new homes means they are keeping junk out of landfills. To go along with the planet-friendly stuff-recycling vibe of the company we were given a couple of crafty challenges to keep us busy while we chatted over earl grey and cupcakes.

The first was a super cheap and simple coffee body scrub.

I'll admit I managed to more or less ignore any ratio suggestions given in the 'recipe' and instead poured bits and pieces in 'til it mixed up about right. 

I'd been meaning to try making my own for a while anyway (but have way too many shop-bought scrubs to get though) so this was a great excuse to have a go under some degree of supervision. I think I undoubtedly made the most mess of anyone sat around the table but was pretty pleased with my finished product, and that was before I tried it! It's such a good scrub, and left my skin feeling amazing, a combination of the scrubby sugar granules and the moisturising coconut oil felt like a real treat! Coffee grounds are meant to be awesome for fixing cellulite too. 

If you know me, I'm letting you know now - this is what you are getting for Christmas! 

Our other task was to upcycle old keys into funky necklaces with just the addition of some pretty ribbon and a nail polish or two! 

I must have been sat in the right spot as I definitely nabbed the prettiest key! I felt a bit guilty about it, but not enough to swap! 

preloved blogger event

This was another simple but fun task with a great result - I'm not the most artistic by a long shot but I do like how mine turned out!

Preloved is part of The Hut Group, and some of it's sister companies provided us with some of the items for out craft activities - the coconut oil was sent along but MyProtein and Look Fantastic provided not only the nail polishes for us to get painty with but a wicked beauty box apiece too with some great products! We also came home with these ever so pretty, sweetie-laden goodie bags! 

Also an extra big thanks goes to Terri's grandad for sending over a tin of keys for us to paint!

One of the bonuses of going to events ran by bloggers is they'll have picked up a few tips about what makes an enjoyable event and what to avoid and I must say the pacing and atmosphere of this afternoon was spot-on. Sure we had the activities to give us a bit of structure but it was a really relaxed do with plenty of time for chatting and wandering round in between (and starting at a time the enabled us to shop and stuff ourselves with food while in Manchester!) - a really pleasant and fun way to spend an afternoon! 

The venue as well was really cool - in Ziferblat you only pay for your time. So for a grand total of 5p per minute, you can help yourself to the tea, coffee and soft drinks which are available to wash down a wide variety of cakes and biscuits. There's cereal too, as well as games and free wifi. That works out at a mere £3 an hour and I'm more than confident I could get my moneys worth of tea and cake! It's such a nice place too as well as having such a unique concept - it'd be a great place to pop along to for an hour or two of working, blogging, studying or just chilling out! 

Big thank to Terri and the rest of the Preloved ladies for having us over, I'll have to get my account set up soon for that clear out I keep promising I'm going to have!

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