12 April 2015

A Prestige Week Away

It's been a whole week since we returned from our Haven holiday to Presthaven Sands and I'm only just coming to terms with the sad loss of our gorgeous little temporary home . Though I've gone on a Haven holiday every year for as long as I can remember, I've never stayed in a caravan like this one! 

Presthaven sands caravan upgrade

Out usual trips tend to be for a weekend or thereabouts and it always seemed that a standard caravan would do just fine for our needs for just a couple of days. We were gone for a whole week this time though, so were very glad to have the extra space and comfort of a Prestige caravan

double bedroom caravan

It  was  hard to know where to start investigating our new pad, but for someone who values sleep as much as I do it just had to be the main bedroom! The prestige caravans come with all your necessary bed linen, and I thought our sea-side themed bedding was sweet - and the bed was lovely and comfy. I didn't always get a lot of sleep on a night but that was a lot more to do with the unavoidable noise of the wind and rain that it was the comfort of our room! We also had a very decent sized wardrobe, plenty of shelves and a tidy little dressing table area and still had spare floor space!

The kids, who are used to sharing a room on holiday, were thrilled to see they had a room each! This meant that not only were they not keeping each other up late chatting/waking each other up first thing in the morning, but that they toys they took with them had their own beds too - talk about being spoilt!

Not only did they have a room each but further investigation revealed a surprisingly generously proportioned shower in a room with a toilet and sink, but a separate toilet/sink in another room so the little monsters essentially got their own bathroom for the first time too!

It was only after having a good nose round the back half of the caravan that we could settle down in the front half - and what a place to settle down! Never mind seats we could hall comfortably laid down on this huge sofa, with cushions and pillows aplenty!

It was the perfect place to sit and watch a dvd on the huge tv, get toasty in front of the (very fancy, remote controlled) fire, or just come round with a cup of tea!

fancy haven caravan

Though I don't like to do a whole lot of cooking on holiday a bit of kitchen time in necessary (even if only to make the odd brew), and this area didn't disappoint either! The kitchen was kitted out with all the necessities - from appliances like the oven and full size fridge/freezer, to the smaller but equally useful microwave, toaster, kettle as well as pots, pans, plates and (s)poons.

Having a separate dining table in the kitchen (when I've usually found it in the corner of the living room) really helped distinguish between 'food times' and 'relax times', as well as keeping meal based mess to one area (it's like I don't even give them plates sometimes!) It was so spacious that we had room to put on a little cakey spread and invite our holiday neighbours (Mrs Married to a Geek and family who were staying just next door!) over for tea! 

The pictures don't show the best bit though - the single reason why I don't think I could ever go back to a standard caravan again... And this might not affect everyone looking to book a Haven holiday but we usually go away in March. And in March, on the coast and in a caravan, it gets cold. On a night it gets REALLY COLD, And we usually combat this by packing lots of blankets, wearing two layers of clothes in bed, and not getting up or moving from in front of the fire in the living room unless absolutely necessary. But despite our most recent trip having probably the worst weather of any of our previous trips we didn't have any of these concerns. Why? Every room in our caravan was heated. Glorious, blissful, central heating. It sounds a bit wimpy to say (especially from a Yorkshire lass!) but this one detail made such a difference to our week (not only for general comfort but for drying wet clothes too)!

I would have moved in here permanently given half a chance, but as it is it made the most wonderful base for our week of relaxing and exploring! This was just one teensy element of our holiday too - there's so much in and around the park to show you still, so do come back! 

* Our holiday was booked and paid for through the Haven site as usual, but we were very kindly given a free upgrade to this fancy pants caravan.

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