21 April 2015

My Little Dream Box

I'm sure I don't need to tall any of you about how rubbish Monday mornings are. But yesterday I rolled up at to work (roughly on time, ish), turned on my computer, sighed a 'hear we go again' sigh and prepared myself for a day of drudgery and paperwork.

And then the postman came!

Lifestyle Subscription Box French

I've been really excited to receive the last few packages from My Little Box, but this one... I think I needed it more. Not anything that was inside, in particular, just needed a little treat to make me smile. I think all nice deliveries should be sent out on Mondays when they'll be so much more appreciated!

Opening the box to these lovely words of encouragement was a great start - I shall have to keep this somewhere on my desk to inspire me throughout the day!

Disney Quote

I next discovered this adorable ink stamp. I sometimes get to use a stamp at work which is always fun (stationary nerd!) but I love that I can send friendly mail with a more positive and uplifting message that 'bill overdue, please pay immediately' stamped on!

My Little Dream Box Stamp Set

I loved the cloud-shaped secret package, I almost didn't want to cut it open to see what was inside! I did in the end though, of course and found this cutie 'bonne etoile' necklace, designed bt Delphine Pariente. It's not necessarily something I'd have chosen but is very sweet!

Bonne Etoile french jewellery

In a little canvas bag encouraging me to 'do all things with love' is where I found this months selection of beauty products. I'm most excited to try Hair Repairing Mask For Dry Ends - a My Little Box product (they usually have one of their own alongside a couple from other brands) with walnut oil and shea butter to boost dry and damaged ends. That sums up my hair perfectly, and the warm weather that seems to be finally on the way will only exacerbate things, so this could be a lifesaver!

Canvas bag beauty

The little lip balm pot worried me a bit because its really really red, but it actually just gives a really nice hint of colour, and the botanical-based Nominoe cleanser hasn't been used yet but sounds lovely!

My Little Box costs £11 + postage and is such a lovely monthly treat! I always look forward to mine and can't wait to see what the next one brings!

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