6 April 2015

Rhyl Seaquarium

Jut warning you - I have SO many posts coming up about my holiday! As well as plenty to say about the holiday park we were staying at, we managed to sneak in a couple of little local trips too - so I figured I'd start with one of these (if for no reason other than it was the easiest one to sort the photos out for!) 

sealions at rhyl

We had a very wet and windy start to our week in North Wales but one morning things were looking that bit calmer so, getting a touch ahead of ourselves, we decided it would obviously be a perfect day for a trip to the beach! We headed to nearby Rhyl, which I'd heard was lovely, as I really fancied a 'proper' seaside day out! 

things to do in rhyl

Of course, I was being overly optimistic as the rain started about ten minutes after our arrival - oops! Recognising the need for an indoor activity, we spotted signs for the Seaquarium and headed in to the warmth as quickly as possible!

Now I'll admit, I was originally a little reluctant to pay into such a place when I have a trip planned to the presumably similar Sealife Centre in Scarborough later in the month, but you have to work with what you've got! And besides, places like this are always interesting because there are some truly weird things that live in the sea! Check out this ugly fella for example!

rhyl seaquarium

Speaking of weird, what ARE jellyfish? I love to see them 'cos they're just so ...odd. I don't begin to understand how they work (despite the information given at the Seaquarium and other such sites!) but they sure are cool looking! 

rhyl seaquarium jellies

I was really impressed with the look and layout of the Seaquarium - I've paid into aquariums before that were less impressive than my local petshop so I'm always a bit wary if it's somewhere I've not heard of. This place is separated into a number of different sections, each with distinct decoration and theming. It was clear a lot of thought had gone into making this a good-looking and enjoyable attraction! 

rhyl sealife centre

rhyl aquarium

We were all amazed by this list of things that have been found over the years in the stomachs of sharks... some of the items (crabs, sea birds, turtle shells) made some sense, but pairs of shoes? A washing up bowl? A native drum? Sharks be cray cray.

what do sharks eat

Everyone's favourite part of the Seaquarium though was definitely the Seal and Sea Lion cove! Thankfully the sun had come out when we got to this outdoor section of the attraction, and we spent a good long while watching these gorgeous creatures frolick in the water. 

sealion shows in wales

We missed the daily sea lion show but were around for feeding time! For £1 you can buy a little cup of fish and the kids had a great time throwing these in the water for the seals to eat. Aren't they beautiful? 

Entrance to the Seaquarium is £9.50 for adults and $8.50 for kids (about average for this kind of thing, I think) but you can make a small saving by booking online before you go if your visit is more well planned than our 'quick, let's get out of the rain' approach to attendance! There's also a little cafe when you get to the end (which we didn't partake in so can't say much on that!) and a nice gift shop. It's a piece of cake to find once you are in Rhyl, right on the seafront and well sign posted!

days out in north wales

It's a shame we didn't get to see more of Rhyl - it could definitely do with a return visit in better weather - but we had a lovely time on our trip to the Seaquarium and would definitely recommend it as a trip from Prestaven Sands or anywhere else in the area, no matter what the weather is! 

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