23 April 2015

Ways to Wear with George

The sun is finally shining, and I don't know about you but that always makes me want to buy new clothes! Holiday season is just about upon us after all and I can't be hitting the beach in least years clothes, can I now?

I fell in love with George at Asda a few years ago when I bought a silly number of their winter coats (it was like a rainbow of duffel coats - amazing!) but didn't take long to realise their more summery options were just as good! Prices are so purse-friendly too so it really is a top place to get the family kitted out!

In an effort to show how versatile some of their key items are, George have been challenging bloggers to dress up one piece to make three different outfits. Finding my one hero item was a piece of cake - it was love at first sight for me and this gloriously sunny Seaside Print Dress! I love summer dresses, you dress them up, dress them down, wear things under them, wear things over them, wear them on their own. Here's a couple of ways I'd wear this one!

Dress - £20 * Flip-flops - £2 * Bikini top - £8 * Bikini bottoms - £5

This dress was made for holidays. In an ideal world, I'd be wearing this regularly to slip over swimwear for a classier poolside-to-ice-cream-vendor/bar walk and for wandering the streets of exotic locations worldwide!

Dress - £20 * Blouse - £14 * Shoes - £12 * Bag - £8
Sadly, I'll be more likely to be stuck in the office for most of the summer, but doesn't mean I cant still rock a pretty frock! A demure and lightweight blouse will help me maintain my professional demeanor, which I will then throw out the window with a butterfly bag for all my work-based necessities (or for keeping secret chocolate in, hurrah!). The shoes are perfect - never mind work, I'd wear these everywhere.
Dress - £20 * Leggings - £6 * Cardigan - £16 * Shoes - £6
However, the summer weather here in the UK is a fickle beast. It can be glorious one minute, freezing the next and there are those days that just don't seem to warm up at all. Cardigans are your friend. They're perfect for showing off your summer dress but keeping you toasty, and will double up as a jacket too when needed. The canvas shoes have a relaxed summer vibe but still keep your toes and other bits covered, and if its really cold you can always stick on some leggings or tights, save getting your legs out for when it warms up again!
Would you believe all everything shown here for all three outfits totals less that £100? Told you George were purse-friendly! Now I just have to look at getting the rest of the family kitted out for summer.... 

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