16 April 2015

We're Having Fun at the Tiger Club

One of the reasons I started going on Haven Holidays with my kids was remembering how much fun I used to have doing the same thing when I was a young 'un - and though we got up to all sorts of things during the days on these childhood trips, it was always the evenings spent at the onsite club that I associate with them most.

tiger club

Now don't get me wrong - things have changed at the Tiger Club. For a start, I don't actually think its called The Tiger Club anymore. Kids are no longer gender-segregated into 'chimps' and 'monkeys' to compete against each other, and poor old Manic The Parrot has been given the boot along with several well-loved songs and their accompanying choreography.

This is Ned by the way. My kids love Ned. I hate Ned. 
Despite these changes though, the essence of the place is still the same. There are still games, party dances, photo ops with your favourite character (though these are now The Seaside Squad), opportunities to embarrass parents and plenty of other entertainment! Looks like Rory the Tiger still thinks he's in charge too, the narcissist. 

We spent every evening of our Presthaven Sands holiday at the on site family club, stirring up my old memories and making lots of new ones! 

I'm going to let you in now on my No 1 parenting tip. The more kids you have around, the more peace you will have. It doesn't seem like this should be true but it is - other kids to talk to means they need/want less from you. On these Haven Holidays when we were little my brother always made himself some holiday buddies, so he had other kids to go to the arcades/playground/dancefloor with. Whereas I (always a loser!) spent my evenings hanging round with my parents, pestering for sweets and dragging down the party atmosphere by wanting to go to sleep at my usual non-holiday bedtime. 

You can only imagine then how much more relaxed my evenings were when Simone (who I'm sure you all know from Married To A Geek) booked on to join us on our trip! My kids already love hanging out with her lad, and he brought a friend along too as a bonus - with all these new exciting people to play with the kids had a hoot! Time avoiding entertainment they had decided they were now too grown up for - or just avoiding each other - was now spend racing around the room, playing hide and seek or generally encouraging each other to join in and have fun. They had so much more fun all together than they would have done anyway and I definitely recommend dragging another family on holiday with you for this reason alone - the extra adult company and resulting girly chat is just a bonus! 

Of course, that does leave you more people to be embarrassed in from of when you are invariably dragged up on stage to try to win points for your team! Thankfully I managed to get out of this as the last minute as the other half bravely volunteered himself (or something along those lines) to be the hero and stick his foot in a boot full of shaving foam for the general entertainment of the masses.

Of course the night wouldn't end right without a trip to the arcades (or start right, as we seemed to hit the games before the club too,... in fact we spent a fortune in here everytime we went nearby for pretty much any reason!) I think our wisest move in some ways was getting the kids hooked on the 2p games as they seemed to give better return on investment than anything else - a £1 that would have vanished quickly on any other machine gave at least 50 goes, woo!

haven activities rhyl

On the other hand I try to actively discourage the claw machines - I'm too cynical! - but the kids won't be convinced that there's no winning with them! There was also a huge focus on a number of games that gave out tickets which could be handed over in return for a variety of different tat. Tickets were collated and at the end of the week we ended up with a skipping rope, yo-yo, packed of coloured pencils and a small toy penguin for our efforts and it was nice to not go home empty handed!

That about covers our evenings which followed a pretty standard (but fun!) pattern or arcade, show, photos, sweets, Jukebox Jam (like a sort of bingo - we've played every day we'e been every year for years but finally won on this trip, woo!), dance, games, arcades, home. Our day time activities were much more varied and you'll be able to read about them soon! 

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