12 May 2015

6Teas - Bottled tea from Yorkshire

Goodness, I'm a bad 'un - just found these pics and a bunch of notes in a 'draft post' from months ago, eeek! I do remember these blends from Yorkshire tea company 6teas pretty distinctly though, so should be able to put together some tea based thoughts for you!

For a start, I'm sure you can see one distinctive difference between these and the other teas I've reviewed here! No bags or dry leaves from this lot,  but instead these handsome bottles of liquid concentrated tea. Pour a little in your cup, top with hot water and jobs a good 'un! Like a hot squash, but tea-ier.
Yorkshire blended liquid tea

The immediate benefit I saw in this is that when I'm at work, there's three people who work for the company who can make a proper cup of tea. That's three people who don't look panicked when I point to one of the many bags of loose leaf tea we have kicking around. That means a lot of people who can't make a proper cup of tea. Many of those can just about muster a decentish brew from a teabag, but not all. But with this, how could they go wrong? It's simplicity itself, so surely I'm more or less guaranteed a good cup tea, right?

just add water tea

I was easily convinced to take three bottles home with me when I came across these on a market stall a few months back, so took them straight into work to try out. The first one I wanted to try was the Russian Earl Grey. I loved this tea, the blending of the clean, crisp Earl Grey and the deep smoky flavour of the Russian Caravan was a delight.

yorkshire bottled tea
My second choice was the Rooibos and Vanilla. Rooibos is my favourite mid-afternoon tea, as well as being a great back up for when we've run out of milk! (Though there's lots of teas I will happily drink without milk, and you can have milk in this - there's just really no need!) This one, with the added vanilla, is so creamy and delicious it feels like a real indulgent treat.

6 teas bottled tea

The Big Daddy House Blend - a blend of Assam and 2nd flush Darjeeling - is slightly less distinctive in flavour compared to the other two, but no less delicious for it. This really is a 'big daddy' of a tea!

blended in yorkshire tea in a bottle

Not only were these all really tasty and drinkable teas, they really were as easy to make as I'd hoped.... no worrying about brewing times and correct temperatures and everything else. The bottles have markers telling you how much to pour out for each brew so I really can't imagine anyone getting this other than spot-on.

Each bottle will do six cups, and you can get three bottles for £15 on the website (so 18 teas), which means it certainly doesn't work out as cheap as buying a box of PG tips. But the depth of flavour and freshness means this can demand that premium price tag! Plus you can get 20% off your first order on the website with the code 'lovetea', a great excuse to try it! As well as finding these teas online you can stumble across them at a number of markets and events across the Yorkshire region, a list of which you can find on the website. 

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