22 May 2015

(Almost) Brunch at Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds

It's not that I've never been to Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds before, more that the place is so closely tied in my mind to the annual Leeds International Film Festival (it's close vicinity to the main venues makes it an obvious place between-film sustenance) that I almost forget that it's open the rest of the year. And even f I'd managed that, I'm pretty sure I'd have never thought of it as a) a place for brunch, and b) somewhere I could take the kids. So it was doubly exciting when I was invited to pop along with the kids and try the new brunch menu!

Nation Of Shopkeepers Review

Of course, things don't always go to plan and sadly a delivery mix up meant not all of the brunch options were actually available at the time of out visit - oops! Always one to make the most of any situation involving food, I shifted my attention to the main menu instead and ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Burger with Blue Cheese Sauce. Oh my god. I've never actually had the chicken here despite hearing from many a source that it's top notch (usually a beefier burger for me!),  but it'll be hard for me to go back from this. The chicken was incredible, perfectly cooked and coated in spicy, ever-so-crunchy, Southern Fried batter. This chickeny taste-sensation was served with fresh crispy salad, creamy blue cheese sauce and a massive portion of fries (I had to share, and I never share!)

Leeds Burgers Nation Of Shopkeepers

The other half had also set his mind to the fried bird, and ordered a portion of Hot and Kickin' Fried Chicken. He had none of my problems with the amount of fries and quickly devoured his dish with only occasional murmers of satisfaction breaking his silence! This was served with a great hot sauce, some of which I managed to steal away to dip my chips into! As a chicken connoisseur, he gave this a very firm two thumbs up.

Best Fried Chicken Leeds

Despite the days limitations on Brunch options, the kids still managed to find dishes for them from the available options. Little Madam has a great passion for sausage sandwiches (this is often her answer to the question 'what do you want for tea?') so this was the obvious choice for her. I was impressed to see two sandwiches (if only because I thought I might get to try some - no such luck!) The little one didn't quite finish all of hers but I'm sure any hungry adult would be equal to the task!

Nation Of Shopkeepers Leeds Brunch

The other one fancied 'Cheeky' beans on toast - BBQ beans on sourdough toast. I really should have moved some of the greenery before taking pictures so you could see it better, but by the time I thought of that he'd eaten half of it - sorry! He pulled a bit of a face when it arrived because it didn't look like the beans on toast he'd pictured in his head - but a forkful or two in and he was completely convinced!

Brunch Leeds Shopkeepers

So basically, all the food - lunch and brunch options alike - went down a treat. The staff were equally brilliant, and getting there early meant it was quieter than I've seen it before, giving us choice of comfy sofas and a relaxed eating experience.  

Cool Bars Leeds

Hopefully any issues with brunch ingredient deliveries should be resolved now, and you can find a full list of their brunch options here! I'm looking forward to a return visit to explore them a bit more fully, as well as trying some of the amazing sounding desserts on the main menu!

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