10 May 2015

Degustabox April 2015

Two of my favourite things are subscription boxes and food, and Degustabox is a perfect coming together of these two worlds. If you are not already familiar with Degustabox, it's a monthly food box in which a bundle of fun food products - usually new ranges or limited edition releases from well-loved brands - are delivered direct to your door, what's not to love! 

Food Subscription Box Review

Aprils box had an international theme, so the box was jam-packed with tasty goodies from around the world - wanna see what I got?

Subscription box delivery

Nandos Peri Peri Grooves

As a big fan of spicy things, I was very pleased to see these in the box. The other half loves Nandos and crisps like I love tea and cake, so he was particularly giddy when I brought these home! Really good thing crunchy crisps - would definitely buy these again!

Spicy crinkle cut crisps from nandos

Cirio Tomato Fillets and Tomato Puree 

These will come in handy for so many tomato based dishes - I love the little pots of puree, as I usually buy the big tube things and then don't use them up within a sensible time frame so these should leave a lot less waste. 

tomato sauce ingredients sub box

Veetee Rice - Peri Peri and Spicy Mexican Style Rice

Though I've not tried these yet, I'm really looking forward the them - they'd make a grand accompaniment to a range of meals (the ones suggested on the packet not least) and are really quick and easy to prepare ... great for me because I can't cook rice properly to save my life! 

flavoured microwave rice

Schwartz - Korma and Balti Recipe Mix 

I'm not a Korma fan so will send this one the direction of someone who will appreciate it more - I'm looking forward to cooking up this Balti mix though! 

curry spice pack

IdrinQ and Scheckters Organic Energy

The IdrinQ is supposed to help you focus your mind and think smarter - seems like something I could use a lot of! It didn't taste like I expected, I'd imagined it to be a typical energy drink taste but this has more of a supercharged herbal tea vibe to it... I wasn't sure at the start of the can but by the end of it I was really liking the taste! Not sure it made me smarter though! 

The Scheckters organic energy is a 100% natural drink with super energy giving ingredients like ginseng and green tea with plenty of fruit juice. I've just finished this now, in the hopes it'd give me energy to write this post (so if you are reading it, it must have worked!) - it tastes really good, without that typical energy drink rotting-you-from-the-inside-out thing.

organic energy drink

Chosan Wonjo and Kingfisher beer

When you sign up to Degustabox you can opt for an alcoholic or non alcoholic box. This months alcohol box contained a bottle of India's no 1 beer - Kingfisher. This crisp, citrusy lager made a lovely refreshing treat after a hard day at work, and would have been a great curry companion if I'd waited that long! 

The Chosan Wonjo hibiscus drink was the non-alcoholic option. Another all-natural soft drink, I loved the look of this, with it's unique shade and classy glass bottle...tasted really different to anything else I've tried and was definitely interesting but not sure it's a flavour I'll flock to again!

kingfisher indian beer

Kinder Choco-bons and Chocolate with Cereal

Kinder chocolate is one of my favourite kinds of chocolate and it will forever sadden me that you get so little actual chocolate with the kinder eggs, so any time I see an opportunity to replicate that taste it makes me happy! Both of these are nice but it's the choco-bons that have completely rocked my world! Totally creamy and dreamy, yum! 

kinder chocolates small individually wrapped

DeBeukelaer Cookies Bakery Creamy Cookies and Barry's Tea

Tea! Always a great thing to receive! Barry's is a family-owned Irish tea company and they make a not bad at all brew. It's a welcome addition to the tea cupboard but isn't likely to overtake my beloved Yorkshire Tea for an 'everyday' tea. 

gooey microwave cookies

The cookies are brilliant! They come individually wrapped so you don't have to work though the box in one go once opened (as if I'd ever do that!), and they're thick and tasty. the best thing though, is when you stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so before eating,.. all creamy gooey stuff in the middle gets all warm and melty and it's amazing! 

chocolate cream filled cookies

Degustabox costs £12.99 including delivery, and the value of the products inside will always be well over the cost of the box. Not only is it a money saver, it's a really fun way of trying new products you might not otherwise get your hands on. Plus, you can get an awesome £3 discount if you sign up with the code AMQWL - even better!

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