26 May 2015

Degustabox May 2015

It's not just me that looks forward to the arrival of the Degustabox delivery - everyone in the office gets excited when they see that box turn up and come crowding round to see what's inside. It's a mini live unboxing and a lovely distraction from work for a few minutes at least! 

Food Subscription Boxes

May's Degustabox arrived a little early, to be all ready for the bank holiday weekend - and with the bank holiday in mind it also has a vague barbecue theme. We didn't actually barbecue this weekend but I've been trying out as much as possible from the box anyway!

Here's what I got inside:

food box review

Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce - I've just realised I had the perfect opportunity to try this at the weekend when I cooked burgers for my visiting niece and nephew, and it didn't occur to me at all 'til just now - gutted! I'll definitely break this sweet sounding sauce out next time though!

Schwartz Grill Masters Marinade in a Bag - We were all very intrigued by this when I pulled it out of the box! It's essentially a marinade in a resealable big - open it up, pop your meat in, reseal, leave for the appropriate amount of time then cook your tasty dinner to perfection! Sounds easy (my favourite kind of cooking!) and good! My marinade is a lovely sounding Honey and Soy, but this comes in five other varieties too - I have my eye on the Korean BBQ!

Marinade bag schwartz

Maggi So Stir Fry - This was Saturday night's tea. I followed the recipe on the Oriental 3 Spice Chicken Noodle packet (easy, just fry up some chicken, peppers and onion - add the included seasoning sachet, some water and the dry noodles, cook 'til the noodles soften up and serve!) and we all really enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to trying the other one! 

tasty noodles

9 Bar Fruity - A box with four of these snack bars packed with seeds and dried fruit, topped with carab. These are undoubtedly a healthy snack with loads of tip top ingredients - it's just a shame I didn't particularly like the taste! Ah well, I'm sure they'll come in handy still!

healthy snack ideas

Daelmans Stroopwafels - This to me was the most exciting thing in the box by far. I developed a pretty strong obsession with these when I first discovered them in Amsterdam a few years ago, and was sad when the huge stash I brought home with me ran out! This is the first time I've seen them since and I'm overjoyed that they are back in my life! It's essentially a caramel filled cinnamony biscuit type thing, and of you warm them over a hot drink they go all gooey and even more delicious! 

tasty caramel biscuits

Sarson's Balsamiv Vinegar - I know balsamic vinegar is useful as an ingredient in all sorts, but I'm really not that keen on it. So it worked out quite well that when I first pulled it out of the box my brother commented on how nice it looked. the product has been moved to a new home where it will be well used and well loved! 

degustabox food subcription contents

Slim Pasta Lasagne - I'll admit, I haven't quite worked out what this is. But I love pasta and if this will do the same thing but healthier then it could be a winner! Lasagne used to be one of my go-to dishes and I've not made it in ages - I might have to give it a go soon just so I can figure this product out! 

healthy meal alternatives

Fentimans Ginger Beer - Mmmm I love Fentimans! All their gorgeous vintage soft drinks are as tasty as they are attractive, and I think this would be the perfect thing for a nice summer picnic! 

Kid's Coco Juice - On the other hand I don't seem to have really fallen in love with coconut based drinks the way that many have so for once I might give the kids drink to the kids! 

kids coco juice with banana

Fuel Protibricks - Like a protein-enhanced Weetabix! I have been trying to up my protein intake so I'll definitely try these out - the only problem is that it'll be hard to shake my associations of Weetabix being something I only eat when I've had dental work done! 

protibrick fuel breakfast

Generally I prefer my boxes to have a little more in the way of sweet treats but I love the Stroopwafels enough to make up for not having more of the sugary snacks! So overall, another great box! 

If you fancy trying one of these out for yourself you can get a £3 discount off the usual price of £12.99 by entering the code AMQWL at the checkout! It's a great way of discovering new foodie products and you may discover lost favourites as well as discovering new ones! 

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