6 May 2015

Greenfield Valley - Heritage Park and Farm

I'm sure by now you've read aallllllll about our little Welsh holiday (and if you haven't, and want to, you can find all the posts on it here!) but sadly all too soon it came time for us to leave. Not being one to want to waste a free day (not to mention the best weather we had all week!) we wanted an on-the-way-home stop off and settled on a visit to Greenfield Valley Heritage Park in Holywell.

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The attraction had the benefit of being directly on out route home (we'd already driven past it on our way in a week earlier) so there was no added detour on our already pretty lengthy drive - a lot of the other attractions we'd looked at visiting were in the opposite direction so this was a good deciding factor but worked out really well for us as we ended up having a cracking day!

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From the car park it's just a short walk to the entrance - though I'll admit we missed it the first time (it's through the unassuming visitor centre!) and ended up walking round for ages! Oops! There's still plenty to see before you get to the 'main' attraction though, we loved the playful wooden piggies that we came across on route...

farm park wales

... and the Abbey ruins were lovely to walk around.

greenfield park abbey ruins

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We had a good wander round this area and headed on into the surrounding woods for a muddy adventure before realising it might be a good idea to head back before we got totally lost! Looks like a grand place to explore though, with dog walkers out in force (always a good sign of a nice local spot!)

wales basingwerk abbey
We managed to find our way into the farm park the second time around (once we were paying attention!) with no problems. Family entrance fee was a very reasonable £15.50, and we were kitted out with a map and some friendly directions so we knew where we were headed!

farm park wales turkey

I think we we're mainly interested in seeing some of the farm animals - and as soon as we got in we saw plenty of chickens and a couple of turkeys wandering round having a great old time. How weird and ugly are turkeys? I don't mean to be mean, and I think they are very tasty, but seriously - look at that thing!

farm park in wales

The little piggies on the other hand were incredibly cute! These funny little fellas came bounding over to see us when we headed over to their fence - so giddy and excited! Such a pair of sweeties, I think we all liked these best!
Though that's to take nothing away from the adorableness of the little baby chicks!

farm trip wales

There was plenty to besides the animals too. The maze wasn't that big but still managed to keep the little ones entertained for a while as we kept sending them back through to 'improve their times'.
#parenting tip

greenfield valley heritage park
There was another cool play area at the other side of the farm too, and the little ones loved this - plenty to climb on, up, and over, with your usual swings, slides and general playgroundy stuff. And of course the best bit - lots of benches and picnic tables for weary adults to rest while the energetic whippersnappers run around!

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We also checked out the fairy woodland walk - a sweet little trail with lots of fun information about the nearby trees and opportunities for fairy spotting!
On this occasion I'll admit to quickly glossing over some of the more 'educational' parts of the attraction - like the Victorian school room. It's usually right up my street, but we'd been starved for decent weather for a week so wanted to make the most of being comfortable outdoors! There's also apparently a small indoor play area for little ones but we skipped this too for the same reasons.
They seem to have a lot of events and activities on too, but we missed the ones on the day of our visit as we needed to be setting off back home before they started. If you ever find yourself here it might be worth checking the events list on the web page and working your day around that as some of them sound great!

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Well,... when I said it was time to set off, obviously we had time for a quick visit to the tea room first! We still had quite a drive ahead of us and it wouldn't have done to attempt it on an empty stomach! The tea room is just over the way from the visitor centre, so you wouldn't need to pay in if you just wanted to grab yourself a cuppa!

greenfield valley cafe

Prices here were really good too, I remember thinking, thought I don't have any more specific information than that! I do recall remarking that the amount of cheese on my delicious cheese on toast would be hard to get at the super market for the same price as I paid for my plate! Mmm cheese on toast is amazing (and might have been what I had for tea last night, after sorting out these photos!)

cafe wales greenfield valley
And obviously I had to get a slice of cake too, for reasons of cake. This huge slice was a dime bar cake and was so hefty I didn't even mind sharing (well, not that much!)
If you are ever driving through North Wales and need a nice couple-of-hour stop off you could do a lot worse! But make sure you get the cheese on toast!

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