4 May 2015

Haven Holidays - Daytime Activities

I know the phrase 'time flies' is a massive cliche, but it's been a month now since we returned from our family holiday to Presthaven Sands - a Haven Holidays site in North Wales - and I haven't even posted about our daytime activities on site! 

things to do at Prestatyn Sands

When you check in for your stay with Haven, you are given a little booklet with all the info about the on-site happenings, from pool opening times to evening entertainment. As the weather wasn't great on our trip we were particularly excited to see there was plenty we could do indoors! 

haven sites north wales

We managed to get booked in ok for our activities once we got to the site but I'd definitely recommend getting them booked as soon as possible - I think you can even do this online before you go - as it was a heck of a queue when I went along and we had to shuffle some days and times around to get everyone on the things they wanted!

As it looked like a lot of people were looking for weather-proof stuff to do a few of the planned activities were booked up extra times had been arranged for the more popular ones to fit in as many people as possible.

haven activities - archery

Harry was determined to try his hand at Archery, and had a great time in his 45 minute session - no less because he actually managed to hit the centre of the target! 

They both took part in one of the afternoon roller discos, with varying degrees of success on the wheels! I really wanted a go myself but didn't want to be the oldest participant by a good 20+ years!

kids activities haven holiday parks

One thing I'd have been happy to not join in on is peddling one of these little go-karts round the park. Seriously, if you end up one one of these holidays you'll see people driving these gleefully all over the place but it's so hard. I was warn out well before the end of our booked hour and had the return the thing early as my legs just refused to participate any longer!

family go kart

Everyone fancied a go on the mini-golf course and one morning when the wind had finally dropped enough to make it vaguely viable we jumped on the course (this along with the other activities mentioned so far do carry extra charges). I'd love to tell you I completely destroyed the young 'uns but they definitely gave me a run for my money! 

haven park activities golf

 A highlight to any seaside trip is of course a visit to the beach. From the main bit of the site, it was just a short walk over the dunes to access the beach. 

presthaven sands beach access

The weather had unfortunately not picked up that much but you'd be amazed at how far a spade and net will take you even on the gloomiest of days! 

presthaven sands beach

These two are obviously much braver than I am, ditching shoes and socks to dip their toes in the freezing water! It didn't last long though! 

north wales beach haven

haven holidays daytime fun

One of the on-site facilities we were sure to take full advantage of was the on-site pool, but obviously I didn't get any pictures as I didn't want to explain to angry parents why I was taking pictures of their kids in swimwear! The kids loved it though - there were two separate pools, a slide and an ace (but insanely cold!) outdoor lazy river. Lots of damp fun was had by all (and that from a person who hates swimming passionately!)

This was just a drop in the ocean of the stuff to do on site - and I've already covered our night times here - so there's no excuse to be bored on a Haven Holiday. In fact, there was so much to do we might need to go back just to explore the surrounding area some more! 

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