25 May 2015

Holiday Planning and Panicking

I should be spending this bank holiday weekend packing for my upcoming holiday,... but there's one teeny problem. Due to an unforseen passport issue (the issue being we have no idea where one of the necessary passports is) - I don't actually know where I will be spending my upcoming week off. 

While I hope I'll be spending it sunning myself by the pool in some exotic location, there's a very good chance I'll hanging out in a grey and chilly Yorkshire. 

With that in mind I've spent the last couple of days keeping an eye out for things to suit both scenarios! I hope that my holiday packing will look a lot more like this top picture:

amazing summer sandals floral vintage swimsuit

A great deal of thought has gone into my swimwear options - I don't really 'do' bikini's but love this pretty vintage style floral swimsuit from House of Fraser. It has a secret tummy control lining as well as distracting rouching over the stomach area for a flattering bonus too! 

The Miss L Fire sandals are amazing! They do some amazing lobster ones too, but it's these lovely birdies I hope will be adorning my feet this trip! 

And finally, I hope to need some new sunglasses for all the poolside reading I hope to do! This pretty pastel pair from Topshop would do the trick! 

Of course, there's every possibility my holiday packing will look more like this:

green joules jacket cath kidson cloudy umbrella

If I'm going to be stuck at home, I can think of worse ways of keeping warm and dry than in this waterproof jacket from Joules. The only problem is this lovely thing comes in four gorgeous colours and I can't decide which one I like best - though this green one is definitely in the running!

And if I have to protect my head from cold winds instead of baking sun, this knitted hat from Joy is a cute way of doing so!

This beautiful cloudy umbrella from Cath Kidston would almost be worth staying home for. I don't think you could ever be too upset about rain when you can carry round your own blue skies! 

I say it would almost be worth staying home for, but of course the number one thing on my wishlist is for that missing passport to turn up! I suppose I better get looking instead sitting here doing online window shopping! Wish me luck!

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