7 May 2015

Luck Lust Liquor Burn

T'other week I was in Manchester with Sammie, Jess and Simone for the excellent Preloved Blogger Event, and we figured it'd make sense to take advantage of being somewhere new and check out some of the culinary options available in the city!

It was hard work knowing where to start as there were so many awesome looking options but luckily Terri had recommended Luck Lust Liquor & Burn just a few days earlier, and it was handily on the same street as the event, so off we went!

Mexican food manchester
Luck Lust Liquor and Burn seems to be a sort of Mexicany inspired counterpart to its sister company, messy burger purveyors Almost Famous (though I confess to still having never actually been to Almost Famous, I was assured by my more educated companions that the similarities were noticeable!) Here, burritos, tacos and other south-of-the-boarder dishes sit alongside a tasty burger range.

drinks at Luck Liquor Burn

Obviously a place with 'liquor' in the name is going to have a decent drinks menu and on this occasion a 'lagerita' (A lager and margarita combo not dissimilar to my favourite on-holiday drink of choice!) seemed like the right choice!

smashed guac manchester

starters at luck lust liquor burn

simple delicious cheesy snacks

Starters came round quickly - I think Sammie was a little disappointed about the pre-bought uninspiring chips and would naturally have preferred some fresh hand made ones instead, nor was she overly impressed with the blue cheese sauce. The smashed guac was by all accounts lovely and fresh - it came over as a bunch of ingredients in the little pot then 'smashed' by the waiter in front of us - though I think some of our party thought it'd be more fun to have a go at smashing themselves, missed opportunity for destruction there!
My cheesy jalapeno  garlic bagel bites starter was sublime though - so simple (essentially cheese on toast with chillis) but so gosh darn tasty, and served with a spicy dip for a little extra heat kick for those who want it!

Best enchilada manchester

I was half full from my starter so when my massive main turned up I knew I was in trouble! I'd gone for the South Central Enchilada - crispy beef, dirty chicken, chilli cheese fries with melted cheese topping, sour cream, guac, boss hot sauce and tortilla chips. Huge. The picture doesn't begin to suggest the scale of this thing!
When I'd read 'chilli cheese fries' on the menu description I'd expected them to come as a side dish, but nope - everything was stuffed into this beast of a meal! It was, has to be said, absolutely delicious - and I really wish I could have finished it, but sadly it wasn't to be - not this time. I'll defeat it next time though, when I'm more prepared! Despite being packed with so many different things, each flavour was distinctive - and I somehow managed to not make too much mess, after deciding to tread carefully with a knife and fork.

manchester mexican food

almost famous fries

The burgers and burritos selected by Simone and Jess seemed to go down a treat too, but didn't look tempting enough to convince me I'd made the wrong choice. I was very intrigued by Sammie's dish though - she'd gone for the 'taco roulette', six fish and chicken tacos, one of which was loaded up with hot sauce! I'm not sure how well this worked in reality as she wasn't actually sure which one was the 'hot' one but said they all tasted grand regardless, and its such a fun idea!

luck lust liquor burn tacos

Luck Lust Liquor and Burn can be found in Manchester's very cool Northern Quarter, and is well worth a visit but make it early if you can as this place seems to get mighty busy! And if you order the South Central Enchilada and the waitress asks if you want any sides - say no!  

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