19 May 2015

Trek Protein Flapjack Bars

You may know by now, I'm not the most organised. I remember mentioning when I wrote about the Exante Diet products that I rarely manage to bring anything sensible for lunch into the office and tend to scrabble on by whatever I can find around the workplace.

Protein Flapjack Review

For the last couple of weeks, my lunchtime foraging has been more productive and balanced,... healthy, even,... due to the arrival of this box of Trek Protein Flapjack Bars.

These are exactly the kind of thing that I want for my work-secret--food-stash - tasty, not too bad for me, easy to eat and goes a treat with a cup of tea! 

Trek Bars

This box of goodies from Natural Balance Foods carries a mixture of six different flavours of scrummy flapjack:

Original Oat - the first one I tried, as I figured if you can get the basics right the rest will follow! It's obviously not as good as the flapjack I make at home but I don't think mine can be considered anywhere close to healthy! For a less treacle-filled option this is really good! 

Cocoa Coconut - This one surprised me by being my favourite of the bunch! It tasted a bit like an oaty Bounty - the flavours worked together beautifully and  this had a particularly moist chewy texture - yum! 

Oat Raisin - I'll admit to being a bit fussy about raisins and will confess that I picked a lot of mine out, but the actual remaining flapjack has delicious cinnamon and nutmeg to give this an extra flavour boost! 

gluten free flapjack

Cocoa Oat - Despite loving chocolate I'm not usually a fan of chocolate flavoured things (things like chocolate ice cream or mikshakes are usually a no from me) so wasn't expecting to be hugely keen on this. While not my favourite one of the bunch it was much nicer that I'd expected, the dark chocolate flavoured coating complimenting the flapjack nicely.

Banana Bread - This one came at a good time for me as I seem to be enjoying a bit of a banana renaissance. Big chunks of dried fruit usually bother me (hence me picking all the raisins out of the other bar!) but the banana lumps in this seemed to work! 

Morning Berry - Here's one I'd expected to find big bits of fruit in but somehow the bar had managed to avoid these while still retain a very berry flavour throughout - perfect for me! 

Healthy snacks

I'd mentioned that these flapjacks have aspirations of healthiness.... I'm far from a nutrition expert and I'm sure these aren't perfect for you or anything but there's a lot of good stuff to consider here. Firstly, as the name 'protein flapjacks' might suggest, these are high in protein! Each bar contains 9 or 10 grams, keeping you full for longer (great when this is what I'm relying on to get me through 'til tea-time!). As well as that, they're all gluten and wheat free, and the ones without the chocolate coating (that's just the cocoa coconut and cocoa oat) are dairy free too, making them a risk-free snack for anyone with allergies or intolerances to these! Mainly though, they taste really good! 

So good I've had to hide them away from the rest of the people in the office who seem to have decided it's a 'sharing box'! 

I'll definitely be having a look at the other bar offerings from Trek too - gotta keep my office stash stocked up!

*Sent free of charge in return for honest review!

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