8 May 2015

Turtle Trek - A Walk in Bingley

I don't know how many posts I've started by gushing about my love for my glorious home county of Yorkshire, and I don't want to sound like a stuck record but I really to think I'm so lucky to live in such a gorgeous part of the world.

I was recently asked along on a walk round one of the local beauty spots so the other Sunday I put my comfy trainers on and head on out to Bingley to meet a lovely group of other bloggers for our Turtle Trek.

Walk round St Ives Bingley

'Why Turtle Trek?' I hear you ask.... we were all brought together on behalf of Turtle Mat who are encouraging people to get outdoors and muddy their boots (and then clean them thoroughly on the way back in on a handsome floor mat!)
Thankfully it was beautiful weather on the day of our walk so I've not needed to try out my new mat* yet, but it can only be a matter of time before I come home coated in filth, and the kids could find wet mud in the desert!

nature yorkshire

I turned up bright and early (ok, it wasn't that early but I'd been out the night before so it felt really early!) to meet the walk organiser Natalie, our guide for the day Cedric and fellow bloggers Sophie, Daisy, Kay, Sara, and Adelle and Justin with their very lovely four-legged friend Fudge. Fudge is also the name of my hamster, so can only congratulate Adelle and Justin on their excellent pet-naming choices!

nice walk in yorkshire

days out bingley
Once everyone had arrived it was time to be on our way, round the lovely St Ives estate. I've actually been to St Ives a few times but really just to take the young 'uns to the awesome play area there, so I've not realised before now just how close it is to Bingley (making it so easy to visit without a car!), and how big and beautiful the rest of the place is!

Walk in woods

tree branches

It was also really lovely to attend a very different sort of blogger event than I'm used to! This one and the last one I went to (for Preloved) seem to herald a welcome shift from the 'cram loads of people into a shop and tell them how great x product is' approach, instead giving people time to chat, relax and do something fun!

carved chair bingley

Walk in St Ives flowers

Here's Cedric doing his moody blogger pose for us!

view from st ives

All walked out, it was time to head to the pub for some well earned sustenance. The best thing about a long country walk is a good country pub meal! I'm always pleased to see when pubs have some nice and pretty non-boozy drinks, as I find coke a little uninspiring.

nice non alcoholic drinks
Meal choices were hard, as it was an extensive menu and I was very hungry - but it's hard to turn down an opportunity for a good Sunday lunch and as soon as I saw the sheer size of that Yorkshire Pudding I knew I made the right choice. The roast beef was good, the potatoes were good, the veggies were good, but this meal was aaaallllll about that Yorkshire pud!

pub lunch bingley

Treacle tart is always a winner too, and I definitely felt I'd earned this after our trek!

desserts brown cow bingley

You can read more about our day, and about what a great place Bingley is for walkers, on the Turtle Mat blog here!

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