18 June 2015

Lucky Dip Club - Vintage Village Fete Box

I've been after one of the Lucky Dip Club boxes for so long now, ever since I saw them on Ally's blog months and months ago. The problem is they go on sale at 7am on the first day of the month and you have to be fast - - and I'm not very fast at 7am! Still, eventually luck and timing and all those things were on my side and I managed to get my hands on a box - and what a box! 

Lucky Dip Club May Box

May's box had a theme of 'Vintage Village Fete' - home made lemonade, tasty ice creams and pretty floral crowns, beautiful for summer days! The box came with an adorable card with these cute sunshiney illustrations....

Lucky Dip Club Village Fete

...and a set of temporary tattoos with the same cheery designs. Little Miss clocked these when I was taking the pictures and I've promised she can coat herself in them to her hearts content once she breaks up from school!

Lucky Dip Club Tattoos

This is the third 'charm of the month', and while it's a shame I've missed the previous two - I'm very pleased to have received this one! Isn't it dreamy? Plus it does come on it's own little chain so I don't need the other charms, I think it's just grand on its own! 

Lucky Dip Club Charm Of The Month

And while we're on cute ice-cream accessories - how gorgeous is this? It's a brooch. That is an ice cream cone. With my name on. I love it! 

Personalised Accessories

The last item is a beauty - this stunning May Day floral crown from Crown and Glory. I remember wanting one of their pretty products years ago and now I have one, woo! 

Crown and Glory Lucky Dip Club

Though once again I think I might have a little competition for it - and it probably suits the little lady more than it does me.

Flower headband crown and glory

Maybe I should get her her own subscription! I'd have to be quick to get another one though!!

If you fancy one yourself, and are ready to set your alarm for it, you can grab one here - It's £20 for a one-off box, or £15 a month if you bag yourself a subscription!

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