12 June 2015

Road Trippin'

I was asked recently about road trips and my first reaction was 'hells yes, I love me a road trip!'.... but the more thought of it I realised that it's not necessarily true. I really like going places, I don't always like the actual getting there!

road trips

I'm not a natural driver - evidenced by the number of times it took me to pass my test (no I'm not telling!), I have no real interest in cars,.... I know they say it's about the journey, not the destination - but whoever said that surely never spend 3 hours stuck on the M62!

I love spending my weekends exploring, but I seem to have my area down to a north-of-Sheffield, south-of-Ripon window. There are a number of places outside this area I would love to visit, but I've been putting them off because I can't quite to commit myself to the drive! 

I lived in Southampton for three years, as it's where I went to Uni - but haven't been back to visit in years and years. When I used to come home for visits I always took the train which wasn't too bad but these days it's hard to justify the train costs for four of us Vs the fuel costs for my teeny car. Would love to re-visit some familiar haunts and see what has changed since I left!

One of the guys at work holidays in Cornwall, twice a year. He's always coming back with beautiful photos, fantastic recommendations, and tales of dreamy cream teas. It looks beautiful.... but it's SO far away!

Fun road trips

A few weeks ago we popped down to Legoland for the weekend - it was a fair old drive but not actually too terrible, and completely worth it for the fun we had, Maybe it is worth leaving my driving comfort zone! Age UK have put together a list of helpful tips for long distance driving for when I next set off to some far-flung destination (and by far flung I mean like Bath, not like Bali).

Where do you recommend I go? 

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