17 June 2015

Smelling Sweet with Ted Baker

On my holiday to Wales earlier in the year, I didn't take any beauty products. Not one. No make up, no cleanser, nothing. This was not me refusing to bow to the pressures of a patriarchal society, or deciding to have a 'week off' from being my usual polished and primped self (shush you!), it's just that I packed everything like that into one bag - and forgot to take it.
Sugar Sweet Ted Baker
After surviving a whole week on a pack of face wipes, a cheap supermarket shower gel and a hand cream I stole off Simone, I was determined my next holiday would be spend in a haze of perfectly pampering products, and when I saw the new Sugar Sweet range from Ted Baker I knew I had found the ones!
Violet bath products

Yup, after my week of family-friendly basics, I wanted something luxurious, something indulgent, and mostly, something girly, something sweetly scented and pretty. I couldn't really have asked for more!

Rose Gold Bath

As well as the beautiful packaging - beautiful blooms on a soft mint green background with elegant rose gold accents - the scent is scrumptious. The Fruity Floral Mint range has top notes of violet (pretty much my favourite scent, ever), with a sweet vanilla, patchouli and amber base. There is a Soft Floral Pink version, with jasmine and neroli on a base of patchouli, sandalwood and musk that sounds pretty delightful too, but I was drawn more strongly to the violety minty ones!

Rose Gold Body Spray
The body wash was great for a hot holiday, cutting through sun cream, sweat and swimming-residue equally and leaving me feeling fresh and clean (something of a miracle in those high temperatures I'm just not used to!) 
The body spray is truly a hero product - as fresh and sweet as the body wash, but with the convenience of being able to chuck it in my bag for an on-the-go spritz. I've basically lived in a cloud of this since then too, and have barely made a dint in it, making it excellent value for it's £7 price tag.
Violet Ted Baker
These are not the only products in the collection either - there's a body soufflĂ© and bath bubbles that I need to get my hands on, amongst others - definitely all you need for a luxurious summer! The range should be easy to track down too, as it's all available in Boots!
* PR items sent for review

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