4 July 2015

A Weekend Walk (and Fancy Hotel Stay) in Jesmond

If you are reading this I'm sure you've already read Chloe's post on the little tour she took us round Jesmond - and if not I'd go read hers instead, she's a superstar! But if you want more on our trip up to the far north, here's my take on it.

First of all we headed for breakfast - we were hungry after our drive! - but you can read all about that in a whole separate post, this one's gonna be long enough as it is!
After eating our fill we went for a little wander thought Jesmond Food Market. The market takes place the third Saturday of every month so we were quite lucky to be about on the right day, but were sadly too full from breakfast despite Chloe's constant exclamations of 'Oh my god, these guys are amazing' and 'ooh this lot do the best burgers in the North'.

I did manage to resist temptation after painful temptation, but this definitely looks like a top stop off if you are ever in the area and hungry!

Of course, I'd have been thoroughly lost if we'd been deserted at this point but Chloe and her lovely Mr hadn't finished showing off this lovely little corner of the world and graciously guided us back to out hotel thought the lovely Jesmond Dene.

It's such a pretty little bit of woodland and I'd have been perfectly content wandering round it without any cute and fluffy bonuses but I was nonetheless delighted when we stumbled into Pet's Corner!

I love animals and it was great to wander through this little area and visit the pigs, goats and chicken - we all liked the fluffy bunnies best though, this lil guy seems to have understood exactly how I was feeling!

I mentioned we were being escorted back to out hotel, but woo, what a hotel! I'll be honest, I really struggled with finding somewhere to stay in Newcastle. I'm a tight Yorkshire lass at heart at the prices popping up for hotels in town made me cringe!

I've heard such wonderful things about Jesmond Dene House (mainly from Chloe who is happy to rave about the place, but plenty of other sources have verified her high opinion!) and when I realised I could stay here for not much more than a Travelodge in town it was (and I hate to quote Kevin Bacon here) a no-brainer!

Hotel newcastle

We called in with our guides for a quick drink before it was time for us to check in - so we could get an outsiders view, as it were. A warn northern welcome and free cookies with the hot drinks, it took us no time at all to be convinced we'd made the right decision regarding our choice of accommodation!

jesmond dene house dogs
The hotel is beautiful. We didn't explore or photograph as much as we might have done as the place was busy due to a wedding (though we were never made to feel as though we were in the way or anything!), but I'm glad snapped these cutie puppies! The place was full of these little doggie sculpture and other cool little nick nacks.

nicest smalling hotel
The downstairs was so lovely I was really looking forward to checking out our room! I loved the really cheerful pink wall and the bathrobes in the wardrobe and the complimentary fruit bowl,...but most of all, and this is an odd one, I loved the smell of the room! Seriously, the whole place smelled like a spa or something, really luxurious and lovely!

jesmond dene hotel fruit bowl

In a similar vein, I was really impressed by the toiletries provided in the bathroom - aren't they pretty? I figured it was only fair to treat myself to an afternoon bath! These were genuinely the nicest products I've come across in a hotel bathroom and just another welcome layer of luxury!

cute hotel mini bottles

We did make sure we got ourselves booked in for a highly-recommended afternoon tea while we were at Jesmond Dene House but that's a whole other post!
Massive thanks to Chloe for being an excellent tour guide!!

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