15 July 2015

Blogger Scavenger Hunt

I do like it when a blog opportunity comes my way that's a bit different, so I was very excited to be asked to take part in a Blogger Scavenger Hunt with experience day experts Into The Blue.
In small teams (I somehow made it onto the 'fashion team' with no one realising that despite my penchant for pretty frocks, I'm the least fashionable person in the world) we have to work out a word based on a bundle of clues, and then all tweet that word to win! To figure it out we all get out own individual clue that will lead us to an experience on the site... once we work out what all of our experiences are, the first letter of each should make a word - so it's important to get the right experience (which might be tricky as there's over 2000 on the site!)

My clue is
clue scroll

And I think, I hope, the experience it's pointing me towards is this one!
into the blue experience vouchers

What do you think, is there anything else it could be?

Hopefully my more fashionable teammates Char, Laura and Ami have theirs and we are ready to win but you should probably pop over to each of their blogs to see if we need any help!

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