12 July 2015

Breakfast at Arlo, Jesmond

A few weeks ago we popped up to Newcastle to sample the finest tea and cakes the far north had to offer. We recruited Chloe (New Girl in Toon) as our tour guide (because if anyone knows tea and cakes in the area, it's this girl!) and she suggested breakfast at Arlo in Jesmond after out arrival, as came highly recommended and we were staying nearby.
Best Breakfast newcastle
Being so highly recommended, it was inevitably a bit busy when we first got there but we were directed to a cosy seating area to wait for a proper table, giving us time to catch up and nosy at the cool little nick-nacks on display.

vintage bricabrac

It wasn't a long wait but seeing all the food go past me while waiting for a table to become free was making me very excited and hungry indeed, so I was very glad when it was our turn to be seated. I was even more glad when I saw that my cup of tea (all the hot drinks, in fact) came with a little spoonful of brownie! I'd usually of course save my cakey bits 'til after my meal but it was a weekend so....

arlo jesmond tea

I'll admit I surprised myself with my first choice from the breakfast menu, but the Vegetarian Cooked Breakfast sounded like the most interesting option. Instead of being a slightly apologetic and sad version of a meaty breakfast like you see so often, this was a really well thought out and exciting plate of eggs (2 - poached, scrambled or fried), baked beans, mushroom, grilled halloumi, hummus, guacamole, and sweet chilli sauce, with toast and butter.

interesting veggie cooked breakfast
The idea of having cheese and guacamole for breakfast was just too tempting! The whole thing was delicious - I even ate my eggs (I think I've mentioned this before but I don't really like eggs - even though I really want to like them.... eggs are such a big part of so many good breakfast options I think I'm denying myself by avoiding them, so I've been trying to train myself to like them. These are the first I have actually eaten and enjoyed!) Special mention goes to the sweet chilli sauce, that had a real kick to it and went beautifully with everything on the plate!

breakfast hummus chilli
I think this was my fist vegetarian breakfast since I stopped being vegetarian (many moons ago!) and definitely the best I've had. I joked (alright, I was only half joking) about ordering a couple of extra sausage to meaten up my veggie meal a bit but I'm so glad I didn't, I was already stuffed after this lot! (So much so that I even managed to leave Arlo without buying one of the beautiful looking cakes on display to take with me!)
I knew that with Chloe's recommendation we were onto a winner with this place but it definitely didn't disappoint! e even headed back later in the day for drinks - and I'll be back for that cake next time I'm in the area!

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