13 July 2015

Chocolate Orange Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

I'm of the firm belief that most things in life are better if they include chocolate. When a whole bunch of chocolatey brioche rolls came my way in this month's Degustabox, they gave me the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my theory! This Chocolate Orange Bread and Butter Pudding recipe is a deliciously chocolatey twist on a classic!
Brioche recipe

Here's how it was made!


* Brioche - I used a total of about 10 of the individually wrapped brioche rolls from Brioche Pasquier (a combination of the chocolate chip ones and the chocolate filled) but about 8 thick slices of brioche loaf should do the trick.
* 400ml Double Cream
* 85g Butter
* 100g Dark Chocolate (maybe a little more if you have plain brioche?)
* 4 tbsp Triple Sec
* 100g Caster Sugar (I used half and half caster sugar and coconut sugar)
* 3 Eggs
* Zest of 1 Orange (My local supermarket didn't have any 'proper' oranges so I thought I'd make do with these easy peel satsumas. That wasn't a very good idea - ever tried grating an 'easy peel' orange? Guess what happens!

how to make choc bread butter pudding

Cut the brioche into triangles (mine were slightly squished already, making this nice and easy!) and arrange them, overlapping slightly, into a buttered oven dish.

brioche bread pudding
Put the cream, butter, sugar, triple sec, orange zest and chocolate into a bowl and melt together over a pan of simmering water.

mix cream sugar

Crack and whisk the eggs into another large bowl. Pour the chocolate mixture in with the eggs and stir it all together.

Pour all the chocolate gooey stuff over the bread, making sure you get all the gaps and corners! Cover the whole lot in clingfilm and leave in the fridge to soak it all up for 24 hours (or, like, five if you are impatient like me!)

recipe choc bread pudding
When you can't handle the wait any longer, remove the clingfilm ad bake at 180 for 25-30 minutes - until a little crispy on the peaks but still gooey in the middle!

chocolate dessert cream recipe

Unfortunately I didn't get to try much of this as it was destined for elsewhere, but I did make myself a little mini one (had to test it was good enough to give as a gift, didn't I!) and I have to say I was pretty impressed - especially served warm fresh out of the oven in a pool of double cream, yum!

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