17 July 2015

Degustabox June 2015 - The Picnic Box

Summer is here! The sun is shining (sometimes), school holidays start tomorrow - it couldn't be a more perfect time for a food delivery targeted towards that most loved of sunny day activities, the humble picnic!
Picnic Food Box 
Thankfully the clever chaps over at Degustabox seemed to think so too, because exactly what they've done with this months box! Wanna know what tasty treats this one held? Read on!
 June 2015 Degustabox

The drinks are always one of my favourite parts of the boxes (second only to any of the cakey/chocolatey sweet things!), and this box has not let me down. The Zeo drinks not only look remarkably sophisticated for a soft drink, but taste great too - zesty lime is always a flavour favourite, especially in good weather, but the peach and grapefruit has to be my top choice - you really don't see peach flavoured drinks often enough and I don't understand why as it really is a delightful taste!
Sadly I'm not as big a fan of the coconut water - it's something I want to like because I know it's good for me but I don't particularly enjoy it (green tea syndrome?), but I know half the world is mad about the stuff so I'm sure I'll have to trouble finding a taker for this bottle from Vybe.

coconut water in subscripton box

The Rekorderling strawberry-lime cider was quite a coincidental arrival, as we'd just been discussing how great this stuff is the office the day before the box arrived! I'm definitely not a traditional cider drinker, but this is definitely not your traditional cider! Sweet, refreshing and perfect for a summers day!

I was also really excited by the Icycl vodka ice pop! Containing a cheeky 4.6% kick of vodka in a frozen fruit flavour, this is a really fun way of turning a picnic into a party! Mine was apple flavoured but they also come in lemon and lime and blackcurrant, both of which I imagine will be great if the apple one was anything to go by... I'm not sure if I'd buy these for my house as I'd be too wary of one of the kids picking them up by mistake but if I loved in an adults only abode I'd have a freezer drawer full of them for when the sun hits!

Degustabox booze

The little individually wrapped Brioche rolls from Brioche Pasquier are great for a picnic as they are perfect to eat just as they are - but I decided to do something a little different with mine - you may have already seen my Chocolate Orange Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe?

chocolate brioche
Another ingredient I used in my pudding was the Coconom coconut sugar - while sadly not actually tasting of coconut (wouldn't that be good though?) this is an all-natural healthier alternative to refined sugar and it works a treat in baking!
healthy alternatives to sugar
The Melba thins have become one of my go-to work snacks, I keep tem at work with a variety of toppings (I say variety - I mean mainly cheese. I love cheese. But it's a variety of cheeses!)
Love Chin Chin is an interesting one, definitely not something I've tried! It's a popular African stack with the tagline 'crunches like a biscuit, tastes like a cake'. They taste a bit like a sweet version of a savoury biscuit, if that makes sense (that sounds like it should just taste like a sweet biscuit, but that's not quite right either!) Mine were cinnamon flavoured but they also come in vanilla, lemon and chilli.
chin chin africn snack

Lastly were the corn and rice snacks from Kallo. The little packet of salt and vinegar rice cakes were ok - it's not really my flavour but there was plenty of flavour so if you like salt and vinegar you might just love these - I'd definitely try one of the other flavours though!
But the rice cake thins covered in Belgian milk chocolate and caramel pieces? Absolute heaven. Honestly, these were so good. They sorta looked and felt a bit like coasters but tasted incredible, I'll definitely be buying these again. And, like a good coaster in fact, they are perfect with a nice cuppa. Yum!

lovely low calorie snacks
If you don't already know the drill when it comes to Degustabox - it's basically a monthly subscription box that comes packed with loads of different food and drink items to try. Each box costs £12.99 including delivery and if you sign up here you can get £3 off your first box with the discount code X2U84!

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